For all you music lovers the anticipation is over…

After an unexplained delay in releasing the much anticipated #TheSpotlight album, 514 Entertainment finally and unexpectedly releases the label’s debut compilative. In order to appeal to their fans for the prolonged wait, 514 Entertainment is releasing the album as a free giveaway project. The house apologises for the delay but compensates with sizzling hot tracks from the 11 track project, each single being a banger in it’s own right.



Go ahead and cop the most anticipated album of the year to the advantage of your own blessedness..


Title of Album is, “THE SPOTLIGHT”

Hit these LINKS to get your songs:

#1 OVERDOSE (Ft. Hyness, 2nz, AwBee, Jay’ Major) (Prod. Jedi)

#2 TEMPER (Ft. St. Solomons,AwBee, Jay’ Major) (Prod. Jedi)

#3 OLD ROGER (Ft. Steezzy, SheddySwags, Chenz) (Prod. Steezzy)

#4 BACK TO LIFE (Ft. Sandra, Jay’ Major, Chenz, AwBee) (Prod. Jedi)

#5 IMMORTAL (Ft. Prince, Centurion, Steezzy, Willz) (Prod. Jedi)

#6 #LightItUp (Ft. Jay’ Major, D-Cube, Chenz, Jedi) (Prod. Jedi)

#7 COMMERCIAL (Ft. Prince, Jay’ Major, 2nz, Steezzy) (Prod. Jedi)

#8 APPETIZER (Ft. Hyness, Jay’ Major, 2nz, Chenz) (Prod. Jedi)

#9 #R3 (RAY’S, RADIATION’S & REFLECTION’S) (Ft. AwBee, Jay’ Major) (Prod. Steezzy)

#10 THE MOVEMENT (Ft. Jay’ Major, Chenz, AwBee) (Prod. Jedi)

#11 CHAMPIONS (Ft. Majek, Centurion, 2nz)

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