The Fact that One is Rose and Another Lily does not make either of them less a flower.

I smiled as I looked into a picture of a damsel smiling all by herself. She could have been a reflection of me. She was beautiful to me and I seemed to love her pure essence but I have never thought I was good enough looking like that.
How many times do we look at things and wish it was ours, look at people and wish it was you, flirt with someone’s dude or girl and which you had them instead of yours and you really forgot God gave you the best shoot but you really never go around appreciating them.

I once read a response from Victoria Beckham; David Beckham’s wife to red carpet host and I was wowed. I said to myself this is a wise woman. The question Victoria was asked was about a lady flirting with her husband and that it seems her husband was enjoying it. How does she feel about it? She waved it off with her hands and said that is not a problem and when the red carpet host kept bringing up suggestions she answered, don’t worry I will take care of it. She didn’t put down her husband nor did she put down herself.

Sometimes we don’t know how power we have in ourselves, we don’t get to appreciate in ourselves nor do we believe in our abilities, this is a major difference between a success and a failure. Remember it is written, God has given you all need for life and godliness.
Peak says, “Its in you”.
Be grateful, contented with all God has endowed with for its sufficient for your use for right now. He would give you more and that includes your abilities and looks when the need arises.


  1. This might seem very simple post, But when I see it, it’s not. Somehow you said so many things without writing them down. I m touched and impressed. Nice post. And thanks. This post is meant for a person like me. 🙂


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