A little here, a little there…summing up to a bunch of NONSENSE!


I sat on my table, placed my legs on my chairs and I couldn’t help laughing at myself simply because I don’t know what I believe anymore, did I just say simply? Everybody seems to be making some sense these days and every quote is a punch line which I can’t help but gulp down my throat. I wish it enters my stomach where I know that sometime later it will pass out through the right source; but no, it enters my heart from my throat and leaves me a little confused. A little confused here and there and then I have a bunch of big confusion and I don’t know what I’m living out anymore.

Maybe we should look at some together:

I hear that love is a beautiful thing and it’s good to be in love. I guess you have heard that too. Then, I node in agreement.

Next I hear that love does not exist or that love is dead and nobody loves anybody. You can only like somebody. There I go again, I node in agreement like I have received some life line to save me from impending doom.

The question is how can I live these two when I accept both?

All men are the same; evil and deceitful but then I hope for a man like my father. Tell me where they meet please.

All Women are trouble and problems and some would say; necessary evil but behind every great man is a woman. When evil started aiding greatness or when problems define virtue is what I’m trying to understand because I believe both.

Being good doesn’t really pay. It’s better to be bad and live long than to be good and die early. Its sound true to me

Then next the police are looking for the bad guys in town for breaking the law. Then I say why not leave them or should they?

I could go on and on about this start of turmoil my environment has created in me and it doesn’t help that I don’t know the truth to hold on to. This could really be about you right now. I want you to know that because someone, especially someone you respect says it doesn’t make it right, because someone does it doesn’t justify it. Get up and feed yourself with the right information.
What you believe in is what works for you. You can’t be bigger than your concept.

You ask how:
Read, Read, Read. Great minds read. Read books on matters you are in conflict about. Feed your mind with things to help you grow.

Talk to the right people, elders and spiritual heads or counsellors.

Mind what you watch and the music you listen to because many times they give a vague or truncated view of what really is.

If you are a Christian, then the bible is the best way out but off course with the help of the Holy Spirit.

10 thoughts on “A little here, a little there…summing up to a bunch of NONSENSE!”

  1. Rightly said,a lot of deceitful doctrines even in the body of Christ.only the Word of God is true and is our manual for the truth. God will see us through. It is well.


  2. Read, read, read. I can’t think of a better solution too. Even Jesus said “have you not read”. Nice piece Miss Zekeri. Keep it up!


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