Help! I’m Behind Bars


Picture source: @IAMGABRIHEL

My name is Lawrence and I need your help. Maybe I should tell you a little about myself before I enumerate my numerous and voluptuous problems and maybe you could come to my aid and fix what has defied all my available solutions.

I am a 28 year old graduate with a second class upper division as one of my achievement. I went to one of the best federal universities in the country and I come from a family where we are comfortable. We are not rich but we can afford anything we need. I can be good at anything I set my heart on. I don’t come from a home with parents who are separated. My parents may not be best of friends but they can stand each other at least so I can say I have a lot of tranquillity at home and to add to it, I have very supportive siblings that never make me feel bad about any of my pitfalls and my longest laughter so far in life is awarded to my siblings.

You would have thought that my life is perfect and more than half of the population in the world would want my life but that is because they don’t know the half of my story. I am just a stranger in my own skin. I don’t know who I am or what I want. I have so many dreams but I am a captive, a slave and so I am not permitted to dream.

You might want to ask me who am a slave to and who sold me out but this piece of information I would gladly offer before you request. I’m a slave to fear, doubt and anger but I can’t tell you exactly who sold me out but I am thinking its either my parents or myself. Yes, I mean what I am saying. You are either smiling or surprised but I feel I am right and here is why;

Anger is one of my dad’s genetic makeup and it seems I unfortunately got that part of his gene but my mum is also the angry type so I don’t think I have gentleness recessive in me. So if anger is all dominant in me with no recessive trait how am I to help myself? To make matters worse, I pride myself in it, in the fact that my parents are this “no nonsense” people and that anger is in my blood. I like to tell people I get angry easily like its some virtue that I wear on my neck like a garland. So I could have also being the one to sell me self to slavery or maybe I decided to remain in it.

Then the next is fear, but let me tell you more about this in my next letter but meanwhile start preparing your answers and solutions to my problems.



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