Its been a while I blogged bt I’m happy to be here because I sure missed blogging but I missed you more. So here is a new fiction series that I hope you enjoy as you follow…


(Series 1)

It was a cool Sunday afternoon; the sun stood in sky but held a gentle appeal over the residence of Alade Samson. Cool breeze blew and the trees moved in response to the flow.

Rose sat in the balcony of the kitchen taking in the cool air. This is one of the days she likes, when the sun is out but not scorching and the breeze blows with a gentle whisper with no interruption and then her mind can drift with its rhythm into her fantasy where she hears the birds sing in the trees and she can sing along with them because she knows their songs. Because they would be singing with her of her lover and how her prince charming is coming with a chocolate box and holding out to her a parcel. In the far away distance she hears her love that is yet to show his face calling out her name.

Rose, she felt a strong tap on her left shoulder. So you are here and I have been shouting your name.

She jerked back to her senses. It was her dad at her back talking to her in his gentle but firm voice.  

What are you day dreaming about this time that you lost your ears or maybe the sun burnt it?

Dad, I’m sorry. Just that I didn’t hear you.

Go get me juice with some cake, Alade Samson said as he strolled back into the sitting room.

Rose went into the kitchen without a word. Her father was a patient man; she knew that and hardly raised his voice except for obvious reasons.

Rose had been the closest of her four siblings to her dad of which she was the second. She had just finished SS2 and was preparing to enter SS3 where she would be preparing to write her WAEC and NECO. Entering SS3 was a great achievement so far and her Father couldn’t hide his delight. Rose and her mum didn’t make good friends because it seemed they were constantly at each other’s throat and Rose couldnt explain why but she could only guess that the tension between them was because of all the attention she was getting from her dad which her mum thought was due her. Alade had always thought the rivalry unnecessary.

Rose, her father called out to her. Please attend to the door.

She came out with the glass of juice and a slice ok cake, dropped it on a stool beside her dad and headed straight to the door.

Who is there?

Mr Johnson, the visitor outside answered.

She opened immediately. Good evening sir

Good evening Rose. How are you doing this evening?

Very well sir.

You were exceedingly beautiful today in your outfit in church.

She grinned so widely and said, “thank you sir”.

Segun is coming, he is getting some items out of the car, please hold on for him. Johnson said as he went to the sitting room through the pre-sit.

Segun came carrying a carton of wine with two loaves of bread on it. Rose good afternoon, how are you today? Fine she answered.

There is a basket of fruits left beside the car, please help me with that.

Alright, she said and headed to the car to get the basket of fruits.

Johnson! My amiable controller! What a pleasant surprise. We saw in church and you didn’t tell me you would be coming around. You are welcome. Alade and Johnson exchanged a pleasant handshake.

How is your wife? Johnson asked

She is fine. And she is inside taking a nap.

Bisola! Alade called out to his first daughter who was at home for her 200 level semester break.

We have a visitor, please come attend to him.

Just then Segun entered with the things in his hands and dropped it close to the wall dividing the sitting room and dining room.

You are here with your son, it’s a nice one. Segun prostrated to greet Alade.

God bless you my son. How are you today?

I’m fine sir. Thank you

Just then Rose entered with the basket of fruits which she took straight to the kitchen. She came back to take the carton of wine and loaves of bread.

Thank you Johnson for the gifts

My pleasure, Alade. No one comes to the house of the king empty hand

Alade smiled and shook his head. Its always being in your nature to whine and today you haven’t done differently.

It’s being a while we visited each other and I thought that since I have my leave, I should see you and find out how the family is doing.

Rose came in with a pack of juice and two glasses since that of her father was still there and served it down while Bisola was fixing something for them to eat.

Bisola came out a while later with Amala dished out in her mum’s chinaware and a bowl of Ewedu soup and stew with assorted meat in another bowl and invited them to the dinner table. They gisted about everything and anything over their meal, Segun wasn’t left out of the discussion.

Thanks for the wonderful meal Bisola. You overfed us and I’m sure if your mum was awake she wouldn’t have done anything different. Bisola smiled and packed the dishes into the kitchen

Alade, Johnson called.

Yes, he lifted his eyesbrows from his plate of food.

Your daughters have grown into beautiful women. I think you should consider buying a dog to guard your gate. And both of them burst into laughter.

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