THE LIE (Series 5)

What seemed like a blossoming friendship becomes a budding relationship. Rose couldn’t help falling in love with Segun. He was filling many of the holes her father left. She had come to live with the reality of her father’s death and that was because of Segun, she thought to herself.

She looked forward to his call everyday but the outcome of today’s call she wasn’t expecting. She had thought about it several times but when it came, she was left confused.

He had just told her he loves her. He said he wasn’t asking for anything, he just wanted to let his feelings out. She was almost hitting herself for not saying anything in return.

How could I have gone mute, acting like I was transfixed? I could have just been the statute of Herbert Macaulay that instant. I had longed to hear those words and when it finally came, I just went confused.

But he always understood her and always comes to her rescue, she smiled as she thought.
I know you love me too but you don’t have to say anything, it will come out just in time without me pressuring you. He had said to her.

She was grateful for his words. He knew how to give the tonic needed for the moment. His words were always soothing. Rose was grateful for this moment Segun was in her life.

I might consider telling Bisola when I get home next week for the semester break.


Tomi Johnson’s phone rang at 2:30pm. His secretary was in his office searching for a file he had asked her to get for him about an hour ago.

Sir, your phone has rang twice now, why are you not answering it. It might be an important call.

Have you found the file I asked for?

No sir.

So why don’t you mind that and let me mind my phone.

He saw the look of suspicion on her face. I have a new policy of avoiding strange numbers as much as possible. All these people asking for one favour or the other from the office of the State Controller of the customs can weary one.

Yes sir. She responded to dismiss him but she was beginning to smell something fishy starting with this file of Mr Alade Johnson she was looking for.

Johnson’s phone rang the third time and he decided to answer in other to evade any other question from his secretary.

Hello, Sir. Good afternoon sir. Sorry for disturbing you. I know you are a very busy man. The caller said into the phone.

Hello. Who am I talking with? Johnson asked.

It’s Mr Ade.

Oh! Bro Ade how are you?  I don’t have this number

Sorry about that, it one of my other lines.

It looks similar to one of the numbers that called me yesterday to.., never mind. Any news for me?

It’s about your son’s NYSC posting. I have been able to attach him to the place of his choice. He said he wanted Oyo state.

Why Oyo? I thought he would be wise enough to choose Lagos or Abuja or Port-Hacourt.
He just knows how to ruin my plans. Just when I give him the opportunity to make a choice so I can see what he is capable of handling…Anyway let him do whatever he wants this time. Thank you very much Bro Ade. God bless you.

Yes sir, Thank you sir. Enjoy the rest of your day. Bye

He could hear his heart singing a song of relief. It wasn’t the call he had dreaded all day. They had given him till 2:30pm or he would regret what they were going to do with him.

He picked up his phone to call Segun but had a rethink. He wasn’t going to waste his time on Segun’s choice. He had more serious matters to deal with.

Miss Secretary, you are taking too long to bring out that document.

Sir, I can remember that the last time I handled that document you asked me to leave it on the table that you would take care of it and that was 3 months ago.
Well, now same person is saying you should find it. So find it!


Bisola, you have been quiet for a greater part of the day. Is all well with you? Ronke her roommate and course mate asked.

When was the last time you loved a guy that it feels your heart is almost reaped out of its cage?

So who are you in love with? You haven’t told me about loving any guy before so this one must be quite a catch.

His name is Segun. The same guy that has been calling me for a while now. I’m unable to put him out of my mind. What should I do?

I think you should wait till you get home next week, maybe he is waiting for you to come home before he tells you how he feels about you, then we would know what next to do. How often does he call you?

Almost everyday.

So that means he feels the same way but men like to take their time. I would also advise you give him some space. It won’t be too healthy for you to get attached to him. For all you know he might just be enjoying your company and might not be ready to make any commitment. That’s who smooth talkers are. It’s also possible he is taking advantage of your heart.

I don’t think so Ronke. Segun is such a great guy. My sister would even like him for me. She feels at home with him, he knows just how to calm my mum down and enter her world. He is simply fantastic. I’m not sure I can wait for another two weeks to hear him tell me he loves me. He is just the boyfriend I have dreamt of having.

Anyway, Stand up let’s go and read for our next paper which is only next tomorrow by 8:30am.

Ronke why are you acting like you don’t know what it means to feel this way. You have had two boyfriends.

Bisola, I didn’t throw my head away for love. My books were still priority. Moreover I didn’t suck up in bed dreaming about someone who has not made his intentions known to me. I think it’s time you even define this relationship with this family friend of yours. I don’t like people who don’t know what they want. Stand up let’s go now!

Bisola’s phone rang and it was Segun.

Hello Bisola, I want to wish you success as you prepare for you next tomorrow’s paper. Study hard and don’t allow any distraction that is not me. I’m a sweet distraction that won’t cause you to fail. But make sure you concentrate and take care of yourself. Good night dear.

Thank you Segun. Good night.

Bisola smiled as she dropped her call and Ronke shook her head.

It was time to read and nothing was stopping Ronke, not even Bisola’s love Story.
Can we go now lover girl?
Yes we can.

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