PSALM 90:12 (NIV)


Today is your birthday, yesterday was your birthday, and tomorrow is my birthday. How do you feel every time you clock a new year? What feelings erupt in your heart on the day of your birth each year?

Toddlers marvel me the most. If one of their class mates celebrates his birthday, they come home and ask their mother, “Mommy, is tomorrow my birthday?” every day they ask if it’s their birthday until you tell them next week Monday is your birthday. The next thing, they drop their list. Mommy I want new shoes, dress and biscuit. I want cake and drinks to take to school or church. They seem to have no chill until that birthday comes and goes. Interestingly or sadly, they grow out of it as they grow up and either stop attaching much or any importance at all to their birthday or they lose the essence of marking one’s birthday.

Let’s take this survey.

What did you do on your last birthday?

How did you mark it?

Were you thankful or full of complaints?

What were you thankful for?

What were you unhappy about?

What lessons did you note in the past year?

What goals did you or did you not achieve?

What new people did you meet and what do they do?

What types of friends did you cut off and why? 

If you have honestly answered the above questions then you would have definitely learnt something. Lessons that will guide you into the new year and always. 

As good as the cakes, drinks and foods are, wisdom learnt is best. Numbering your days is not to eat the time away but to apply you’re your time to wisdom. Advancing time should equate advancing knowledge which is the new gold. And knowledge combined with understanding should heal you of lack and poverty.

As you grow older, you should know who to cut off and habits to drop because you would have studied and learnt the impact they have on you and your vision. If you realize that in the previous year you didn’t make friends of great influence or meet people that you can stand on their shoulders to climb up, wisdom will teach you to do that this year. You need a community of visionaries to help you build your vision. If you stay in a community of poor and contently poor people then you can only go that far. Iron sharpens iron.

If you have celebrated your birthday, can we start all over again? The year is still young.

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