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My eyes hold frozen tears

My heart bleeds from injuries inflicted on it

My lips are sore

My sole is covered with blisters


My skin peels away

Aged from the heat of the savannah

Thirst grips my throat

Rips it off like an enemy


I am crying out

But my words have become solid

So sublime is my voice

Nobody hears it


Fading into the night

I am but a silhouette

Christened with a form

Living without an identity


Perused through and through

But unable to find my definition

Dubbed a miniature by guilty culprits

I could only move stealthily not to awaken the lie


Oh! That tears would wash the pain in my soul

Bringing me out of my incognito

If only my smiles is no alias

Then I could start my journey to self-discovery

THE LIE (Series 12)

Segun was bubbling this morning. He had grown stronger and healthier in the last three months after the horrible attack even though his attackers had left a scar across his face precisely on his forehead but fortunately it made him look more macho and handsome. Tade, Segun’s mum watched her soon as he ate his breakfast.

It looks like this Bisola girl has a lot to do with your recovery, you up and excited about going out. If I had my way you would still be staying in for a while. The POP just came of your arm.

“Mum! I am fine. I have not gone anywhere except the hospital”.

 And I want to go out to see what is happening and really I want to see Bisola and really Rose, he said inside himself. I want to see how she looks now after dumping me in such a cruel manner and even that, I can’t help my growing attraction for her. Bisola has been a great friend in this time and I want to greet her.

“I want you to be careful. We don’t know the angers locking around you even though your father says he has taken care of it”, Tade said.

“Yes Ma!” Segun got up from the dining table and headed for the door.


“Are you going somewhere this morning?” Helen asked Bisola after watching her daughter’s demeanour. She was excited and did all her choirs heartily but most notably, she looked very beautiful this morning. Her braids were packed up in a ponytail; she took time to apply her makeup and wore a sweet scent.

Bisola smiled. “Let’s just say I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and felt like looking good.”

Helen looked at her daughter and did not feel comfortable with her answer but decided not to push. Some puzzle was missing, while Bisola grew happier everyday Rose was withdrawn and quiet and she was locking everyone else out and hidden the key somewhere possibly with her father’s ghost. Since Samson died, all she wanted to do was fill that vacuum in Rose’s life but she had never really succeeded and just then Segun came along. Segun! It struck a cord in her. Could all this withdrawal of one and excitement of the other have anything to do with Segun? But she couldn’t fathom why until there was a knock on the door.


Johnson sat on his chair wondering how to get out of this mess he found himself.

 Everybody is greedy, and tell me where greediness ever gets anyone to. I gave these boys what I had in mind for them but now they are saying they want it shared 55/45. If I give in to their demand what would have been the point of the deal? Moreover they killed my friend when all I asked them to do was get the documents needed to access the deal. They gave the lame excuse that he was stubborn and in the process saw one of their faces. How was that his fault? Now they are threatening to implicate me in the death of Alade. Treacherous is what they are. If they would agree to 70/30, then I could manage.

A text message entered his phone. “Your wife is on her way out and this time be grateful if lives to tell you the story” was the message on his phone.

Immediately, everywhere was so cold and he started shivering, he dialled his wife’s number but she wasn’t answering her phone.

He sent a message back to them, “I would meet you demand, proceed to my office immediately”.

“No! Meet us at our usual joint”. They responded.


Tade pick up her phone to see that her husband had called her several times. She had kept her phone inside her purse and put it in the inner space in her handbag and zipped it up before she entered the shopping mall to get groceries. Today that Segun was out, she decided to go out and buy all what was needed herself rather than send the new maid they got only recently.

Why did her husband call her several times, what could he have wanted? He hasn’t called her while he was at work for years unless there was something he urgently needed and that only happens once in a red moon. But she couldn’t remember when last she saw up to ten missed calls from him.

She wanted to call him back but decided against it in order not to secure his wrath and have him make today a bad day for her.

She entered her car and drove off.

The Potential of Greatness

Every oak tree was a seedling
Every beautiful flower was a bud

Every great man was a child
Every beautiful child was a foetus
Every foetus was a sperm and an ovary

Every cotton designer clothe was a thread
Every thread was a plant

Every book was a thought
Every thought was an idea

Every gold jewel was an ore
Every ore was an accumulation of organic matter

Every furniture was a wood
Every wood was a tree in the forest

Every fire was a spark
Every spark was a strike

Every man has a potential
A potential for greatness
Greatness borne out of the tiniest spark
Your wildest imagination could be your greatest reality
And your greatest fear could be your biggest undoing
Every thought couldn’t all be debris
For the potential for greatness is borne out of well aligned thoughts Read here

Two Sides to a Coin


Have u ever seen people deep in argument, almost at each other’s throat, the kind that broke into a bitter fight and you don’t know if they apologized to each other afterwards? Most time those argument started out as an interesting discussion in which they had same views until there started to be a divergence. Parties involved immediately forgot that everyone is allowed his opinion.

Listen this funny story, I was discussing with a friend of mine and we got to a point where I had to use the name of Jesus. I said Jesus’… and she got offended, why should I say Jesus’ that no matter what it remains Jesus and saying Jesus’ was blasphemous. I told her it was alright to say so, it’s just like saying James’ or Thomas’or Rachael’s or Steven’s…  But she wouldn’t agree and got so angry with me for saying that and not withdrawing my statement. Quess what, we went round trying to prove each other’s point through out our reading time, wasted our time and she was so angry and we ended up achieving nothing. I backed down when a friend reminded me of a scripture that said do not get involved in vain arguments for they bring strife. But I had wasted all of that night and it took grace not to hold each other by the throat. The question is whether Jesus’ or Jesus does it change anything?

Many things have different dimensions to them, the only thing that does not is Truth where the constant k=1. Even in solving a mathematical problems there are ways to get to the right answer. That’s the beauty of life. The ability to see things in different ways, through different eyes is what makes us have different designs of clothes and shoes, building, games and gadgets. If we all see things same way there won’t be diversity. So it is when it comes to views. Listen to others views, look at it closely and discuss it in civilized manner.

Everybody has a point even though not all points are relevant to you. We all can’t stand at different point at the same time, so remember, the point from which is seeing is the point from which he is talking. Don’t force your ideology and opinions down people throat if not you are not better than terrorist.

Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter, nor in arguments that won’t put food on your table or clothes on your body nor make you a more respectable individual. Invest your time in things that add value. Some people behind the prison because of argument that resulted in man slaughter.

Be careful, be vigilant because your adversary the devil is moving about like a roaring Lion looking for whom to devour.