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Today is

Overwhelmed with

Minding its

Own really

Resilient and




Tomorrow has never really being a friend of today. Today wishes it could spend more time but its allocated 24hrs after which its term is gone and another government comes to play but when tomorrow comes then it becomes today and today has always hated sharing its name with tomorrow and everyone keeps looking forward to the coming of tomorrow while today becomes yesterday and everyone says forget it, it’s a past.

The great business man looks forward to tomorrow, makes plans and profit for tomorrow using today, the sluggard makes the matter worse by not giving today its dues, looking forward to hand it over to tomorrow but when tomorrow comes its name is today so he keeps waiting for tomorrow to come when it will be answering tomorrow.

The rich man never gets enough because he is storing for tomorrow, the poor man never stops hoping because he is hoping for a good tomorrow and many times they forget to take care of today, live life today, bless someone today, leave a good impact today, they forget that today tells a whole lot of stories too and always likes to share the message abroad after it becomes yesterday.

Then matter also becomes another thing when some live for today only hoping to die tomorrow for they don’t know what tomorrow brings they say but when now tomorrow has become today and they are lost because they forgot that today and tomorrow are already used to changing their names from time immemorial.

Don’t carry tomorrow’s trouble on your head for sufficient is day’s trouble for itself and don’t forget to pray, work, eat, rest, play and put a smile on people’s faces for tomorrow may never come.



Loveth stood up from her bed unsure of what it was she was hearing. It can’t be, maybe I’m imagining, she said to herself. She got up from her bed to check on Jasmine in the next room.

Jasmine, what was that I was hearing? We need to talk

Have I not told you not to make close friends with Debby? I told you I don’t feel comfortable with her. So what was the moaning sound I heard and the compromising position I met you both? Loveth asked.

There was no moaning anywhere, Debby and I just laid close to each other and that was all, that was all you saw. Maybe you were dreaming about the moaning sound.

You dear lie to me seeing the position I met you in? I’m your elder sister and I really don’t have problem with Debby but I feel that with you both something will go wrong. Jasmine, you just entered this school and this is my fifth year in school. I will soon be gone and I want you to get it right before I go. I want your foot grounded before I take a bow out.

Now, sister, Jasmine started. You are just paranoid. I told you there was nothing. If you do or don’t mind, excuse me. With that Jasmine went back to Debby.

Loveth and Jasmine were sisters of the same family. Loveth was the first and Jasmine was the last. In-between them were two boys, Lawrence and Joshua. But it began to seem that Jasmine was forgetting her position and really was tasting the depth of the river with both feet.

Loveth couldn’t help feeling insulted and shamed before Debby for it looked like Debby had won this one and turned her sister against her.

Time went on and Jasmine was getting attached to Debby day by day and Loveth was at loss for what to do. She really couldn’t explain why she shouldn’t let her sister be over Debby but, she found no peace within herself over their closeness. Maybe the moaning she heard wasn’t real after all but she thought she has heard it again more than once but never met any indicting situation except meeting a sister in a state of ecstasy and a feeling of pleasure…

Lawrence welcome. It’s good to have you visit with us. Jasmine walked in with Debby who had become more like a roommate than a visitor. Who is that? Lawrence asked Loveth after the both ladies greeted and had gone off to their room.

It’s a friend of Jasmine that she met a few months back. I don’t feel cool about their friendship but Jasmine won’t listen to me. The thing is that I can see that Jasmine is deteriorating morally, she seems to be losing her values. Anytime I call her attention to these things, she literarily walks out on me straight into her arms and tells her what I discussed with her.

Lawrence, a little carried away with Debby’s beauty, said, Loveth cut the girl some slack. I really don’t see any issues with the young lady. Free them. They look to me like a perfect pair. Jasmine will learn to take care of herself when you are gone.

Debby was enjoying all the debate between Jasmine and her sister. At least she has succeeded in making Jasmine turn deaf ears to her sister. Debby was glad she was accomplishing a mission, a mission to make Jasmine like her and was sure Loveth was about to graduate losing this game to her. She should be called the queen of chess, she thought in her heart while smiling to herself. But why she hated Loveth, she couldn’t tell


Loveth received a call from her mum on a Monday morning while at work. Her mum needed her to come to the village because of Jasmine. This time Loveth could bet that Jasmine was in a trouble. So she travelled home the next day.

Jasmine was sitting on a stool outside and was looking almost like a hag. Loveth saw Jasmine and couldn’t believe it was her kid sister. Immediately she arrived, her mum had brought her to where Jasmine was sitting outside. She got pregnant, gave birth but the baby died and now she has some complications and it seems she is not very mentally stable, their mum said. Please Loveth, help me with her.

Loveth didn’t know when she lost her calm and flared up. Why should I have to take her and deal with her issues? I sensed it was going to get to this when she was all over Debby. She would shout at me and walk out of me in front of her. She wanted to prove a point that she was a woman of herself and not under the care of anyone to Debby and would rather choose to disrespect me her eldest sister. Now she is to be my problem.

Loveth, help me. No matter what, you are her second mother. You never throw away the bath water with the baby. I am handicapped in this matter.

Ok, mum. I will take her. Help pack her things so we can leave right away. I have to be at work tomorrow. I will go find something for my stomach.


Loveth had taken Jasmine to the hospital that morning. She didn’t think anything will bring her to this general hospital and she had hoped nothing personal brings her here but today she found herself here. Loveth asked jasmine to sit in the reception so she could make inquiries and also register her in order to see a doctor.

Jasmine, don’t talk to anyone. Don’t go anywhere. Sit here till I come back. Is that clear? Yes Jasmine said.

There was a man who it seemed was walking out of the hospital and when he saw Jasmine turned back. The truth was that he had studied Jasmine and decided that she was his prey.

Hello, young lady. Good morning.

Good morning. How may I help you? Jasmine replied

Do you want an IV, a free IV for when you decide to get married?

Yes. I will be grateful but is it for real

He handed her a bundle of already designed IV. Just walk down there and tell them to hold it for you. As soon as she turned her back to go, the man was gone. She walked a few steps and then started bleeding from her mouth and then Jasmine was no more. Jasmine was dead.

And then Loveth woke from her dream. Alas it was a dream. Thank God it was a dream. The truth is that it was a warning for both her and Jasmine.


Oh, that bastard, that son of a.., then she came back to herself. I don’t like to use such foul but that beast, just makes me do that. Oh, God! She said with her hands covering her face, I don’t know how I’m going to manage not to pull the trigger right into his forehead if I see him. Just make me not to sight him because he might just be better off dead.

Oh, my sister, then the tears flowed freely like some pool had just been let loose. How could this have happened to her? She had kept herself all this while with a promise that only her husband will take his rightful due then this wench, comes and snatches it from her and in such a manner that she ends on admission unconscious. He has to pay! I will fight him until he loses all he cherishes most. He thinks he knows how to rob, he has just robbed the wrongest person. For now let me check how Mercy is doing. My shower calls, after answering the call then my pursuit begins.

Simon and two of his friends were in the lounge of his house chatting and gisting. Simon, it was Tade calling on him, you have been distant since we came around. Is all well?

All is well just not really in the mood today. Feel like lying on my bed.

And relishing the fun of yesterday, Sammie said with a teasing smile.

Simon smiled with heaviness in his throat like a big rock was there and he was finding it hard to swallow. Excuse me guys, I will just retire to my bed. You know how to take care of yourselves. My head hurts and I hope a nap will ease the pain. Lock the door with your spare of the key Tade, don’t bother waking me up. He stood and strode away like he might fall from a long time illness that has eating into his bones. Simon laid his bed and for the first time he was really grateful he had this bed, the only friend he could really tell the truth and would not leave him, the only friend he could share his unabated restlessness and guilt. He didn’t think he would feel this way after what happened, it was normal to have sex. If it didn’t happen that way it would have happened another way, all is still sex. But his heart and profession told him no. consent is different from force. And so he couldn’t sleep.

Mercy was awake when Nkem entered. She ran to hug her sister and started crying. I’m sorry for what happened, I’m sorry I didn’t see it coming but I promise you that he will pay for it. His license is what I want to be taking from him. His 7 years of study will be taken from him, his years of practice will be robbed him as he robbed you of what you priced most. You ended many relationships because you won’t give what they were asking and then that beast of an animal, the devil in human skin comes along and snatches it away from you and leaves you in this bed. He is not supposed to be walking on earth but I will fight him with all in me. Mercy sat still looking at her sister blank like she was transported into another realm.

Tosin entered with food and beverage she had gone out shortly to buy for Mercy. Thank you Tosin. Can I see privately? Nkem asked. They stepped out to the hall way. How did it happen, who was this guy? How did they meet? Tosin started to speak with a tone of regret. He is a colleague in the hospital. We all became friends about six months ago. He looked like a good guy and we felt safe around him. His name is Simon Adeyemo. The name stroke a cord in her. She had met him before or so it seemed to her. Do you know where he lives? I want to contact my lawyer.

I know where he lives. But Mercy doesn’t want us to meet him. She believes he has done the havoc, so what can redeem the irredeemable.

Rubbish, arrant rubbish, Nkem retorted. I don’t want to care what she thinks, I’m going to get justice for her no matter what it takes. Just take me to where he lives or give me his address. I will make sure he craws and begs and then ends up losing everything he loves. If he comes back to this world a second time he would never talk to a woman talk more of raping her.

Alright. When do you want us to go to him? Tosin asked.

When I contact my lawyer later in the day, we would conclude when to go…

This was the eight month after the incidence of the rape and it looked like Mercy had moved on but Nkem was still on her vengeance mission and her vengeance motion would not let Mercy forget what she bury under the carpet.

Nkem’s phone rang, it was her lawyer. Nkem, Simon has being calling and said you still refuse picking his calls. He is pleading for an out of court settlement. Nkem, he was silent for a while, Simon is sorry and we should at least give him a chance.

Nkem blurted out. Do you know what it means to be raped? Or is it because it was not your sister that was raped? But Nkem, you sister wants us to let this rest. Does she really know what is good for her? Nkem I believe we should handle this matter in a better way. Bitterness has eaten into you, even the victim is not as victimizing as you. I would like to get over this conversation and continue other things. We would meet in court next week or hopefully before then. Bye for now.

She dropped her phone on the table and was walking towards the refrigerator to pour herself some juice to calm her nerves and then her phone rang. Who is that calling again?

Hello, who is on the line?

Its Stella, Sis Stella from church. Oh! Sis Stella, how are you?

I’m fine. I’m actually calling you in respect to the Christian community worship coming up the last Saturday in August in church. You are supposed to be part of it but we haven’t seen you for all while in church. So please we would love you to make yourself available in church. Do we have an assurance of your presence? She smiled into her phone and said she would be available for the rehearsals and preparation.



11:30 PM, 30 minutes to cross over into the new year. A year full of great expectations, so much hope, so many dreams, so many restitution. Nkem’s mind traveled to the lands of possibilities and map of accomplishment the moment she looked at the wall clock in the 700 capacity auditorium of The New Covenant Baptist Church located at Akute. Pastor Philip has mounted the pulpit since 11pm and all Nkem’s heart was waiting to hear was him saying “we have crossed over into the new year, celebrate and congratulate your brother for making it into the new year”. The outgoing one wasn’t so much of a success, she couldn’t afford to call it a total failure even though she wished she could but that would be negative thinking she told herself. By the time we cross over the Pastor will tell us the message and promises God gave him for us or rather me this year. Let me speak for myself.

Simon, you are a badoo, skilled in all your tricks. You are such genius, no girl can ever peep into your house and you will not scatter. His friends were praising him as they five of them sat at bar in Victoria Island popularly called VI which was their usual hanging spots at such time of the year celebrating their conquest for the cross over. Simon, you ended the year well, Tade said to him. Being able to get that girl into your bed is the highlight of the year. Men, being able to convince a 22 year old virgin is no joke but Simon did it. Let’s toast to it. Bar man, Wale called out, give us any drink in the range of 250 to 300 hundred thousand Naira, we’ve got to pop some wine. What Simon didn’t tell his friends was that he turned a rapist to win that conquest. What he didn’t tell his friends, was that the girl was currently in the hospital and it was likely police would soon be on his backs.

It was 11:59, Nkem’s heart was exceptionally heavy and full of anticipation she couldn’t explain. She got wondering if it was because of the eagerness to get out of this year or it was something else but she tried to find peace. Lord if it’s because I haven’t being paying much attention to Pastor’s prayers forgive me and intercede for me. Congratulations, we have crossed over, praise the Lord, celebrate him in the beauty of His Holiness, the Lord is faithful, He is the ultimate good, ever loving, all giving and forgiving, she seemed to hear the pastor’s voice from a faraway land. Congratulations, Mr Nelson, the church secretary took her hand and went by to others bringing her back to the land of reality. She instinctively looked at the time, 12:05am. The time she had monitored for a long time and just less than a minute to her mark she was distracted, God hope this is not what is going to happen this year to me, I can’t stand another distressing, unfulfilled year. Then she remembered greet someone and she started her journey of happy new year round the over packed auditorium…

Nkem woke up by 6am, the time her body was already accustomed to. This year is a year of forgiveness, the sermon pastor Philip gave for the year’s theme greeted her as she woke. I don’t have anyone I haven’t forgiven that I know of. When I have time I will take a walk back and forgive all… then her phone rang. Happy New Year wishes from everyone, they won’t allow me wake up.


Yes, it’s Tosin, Mercy’s friend

Tosin, how are you?

I’m fine.

Happy new year, dear

Same to you

I’m calling you because of your sister, Mercy. She is on admission in the hospital.

What happened to her? She asked a little distressed, since Mercy just finished her training as a physiotherapist and she is doing her internship, she would understand her body better. Then she noticed Tosin was hesitant on the other side of the phone and then she really started panicking.

What happened to her? She was raped by someone who was supposed to be a friend and colleague.

When did this happen? Yesterday evening around 6pm. I went out to buy groceries for cooking and by the time I was back by 7:15pm she was on the floor battered and kind of unconscious.

Is she in the hospital where she is doing her internship? Yes. We got here last night. And since then I have been trying to reach you but your number was not reachable.

Has she woken up now? As all she ask amid the thoughts rushing into her. Was that why God sent a message on forgiveness? Why did He let it happen? So He can test my obedience on forgiveness? After I had looked forward to this year and then on the first day this is what greets me good morning. She didn’t even hear the response of Tosin to her question that she had woken earlier but had been put back to sleep by the doctor after giving them the information they required of her and had started treatment on her neither was she aware that Tosin had gone off after shouting so many hellos into her phone.


Johnnie and Femi, brothers from same parents were not contented with the kind of life their father, Johnson had offered them from childhood and had always thought of being better than their father. Their father was given to drinking even though he wasn’t usually drunk. Johnson had worked for the same company ever since Johnnie and Femi knew to call him father. And he hadn’t not being elevated much for the past 18 years.

Femi! Femi! Johnson was calling from his sofa in the sitting room. Femi, go and give your father his bottle of “Drum” or which is his latest? Origin, Johnnie told Femi with a teasing laughter. Sir, he came out to stand in front of his dad. Get me two cans of origin from the refrigerator. Daddy, the refrigerator was closer to you than to me who was in the room trying to study, moreover you have just taking to bottles of beer about an hour ago. He said as he gathered all boldness to say. Johnson tried hard not to unleash his anger in his always venomous long speech. Today he was going to try as much as possible to make it short and get done with his soothing relief, ORIGIN. He didn’t have to look him straight in the eye for Johnson had always thought that a waste of time. If you were going to amount to something, Johnson started like he was mincing his word; you would have passed Jamb since? You have written Jamb thrice and where did it end you, one of the rooms in my house which I am hoping to turn to a store soon. You can’t get admission and you still can’t obey simple instruction. Oh! Now I understand. You can’t gain admission because you can’t obey simple instruction and that you got from your mother. All you would remain and I think you should know that by now is an attendant boy in that useless bar you work in. when I was in secondary school, I always came first and if not because my father died, you think I will be where I am today. That was why I didn’t waste my money paying for your first Jamb because I can’t waste money on an empty head…

That was Johnnie being faced with his own discouragement factor, and many people are. It could be class mates, friends, siblings, teacher or neighbours who laugh and mock your dreams. The reason they laugh is because they can’t dream far and so they see your dream as unrealistic. I remember a course I had in school, Organic chemistry which a lot number of people did badly in the C.A I did well. When it was time for the exams I said to my roommates that I was going to have an A. one of them which did badly and assumed that all of us taking that course in the room did worse than her said to me, “are you going to steal the marks”, and laughed at me. Needless to say that when results were out, I got what I wanted and she carried the course over. Don’t expect everyone to accept your dreams and aspirations but make sure to pursue them with all dogged determination and right counsel from people who have gone ahead and have greater insight. Remember not to share your thoughts and dreams with everyone and anyone, talk to those who can help you achieve it and not try to kill it like Joseph’s brothers. Let God’s word be your guiding principles and not what people say or do and not what is obtainable in a corrupt society. Carve out a niche for yourself by doing something better. Remember also not to keep your dreams inside, tell someone who can guide you properly. In the multide of counsels there is wisdom.

My brother once said, “If your dream don’t scare you, you haven’t dreamt big enough”

My Special Birthday piece: The First Greatest Man on Earth

Mama Seba congratulations oh, you have another bouncing baby boy. He is such a cutie. That was the sound of various visitors that early morning in Cush’s house as they came to greet the new baby. His older brothers surrounded his bed side and all visitors found the baby very cute. The midwife looked at the baby and said, this baby is beautiful but smaller in size than other babies you have had. Mama Seba looked with smiles, thank God for the delivery in the first place because this is the most difficult delivery I have ever had. From the way he was behaving in the womb I thought this would be the biggest baby I would ever have.

Cush was outside with some of his friends sitting in the foyer welcoming visitors and not thinking about going to farm and his two grandsons Sheba and Dedan, sons of Raamah playing not too far from him. Congratulations my in-law, Gomer a close relative of his wife said to him as he came near. Thank you but you know this is not the first time I am going this way. Thank Yahweh I have an additional hand to help in my farm work. I hope he is as strong as his brother. In between him and his brothers are three girls, I just hope he doesn’t get to think like women coupled with the fact that he is tiny.

Inside the women asked Mama Seba what the baby’s name was. Nimrod she said as she looked upon her tender gift with such tenderness that could melt an iron back to its ore. The name soothes him well and it’s not a very popular name in our community. Her sister-in-law looked quite shocked, why that name, she asked? Because of all the trouble he gave me in the womb, seems to be that he is going to be more of a rebel. Who knows he might revolt against God for all the trouble he has brought upon us. She said the last statement with a sigh and her eyes staring into some distant land. You know, my husband’s field hasn’t produced much in this year and now that this one is coming he might break the jinx…

Nimrod! Nimrod! Nimrod! Cush shouted from the door way. Yes father. What are you doing inside wasting my time, you don’t like going with me to the field. Nimrod came out just then dressed for farm work, we can go now. With hoe and cutlass tied to the back of the donkey and the brothers waiting ahead, Nimrod and his father mounted their donkeys and started out in silence. Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sebteca started a story about a beautiful damsel they met the previous day and the bet they had on who would get to her first and win her heart. Seba and Raamah can’t join us in this expedition since they are married and Seba is the good husband taking care of his wife who chooses to take ill on this fateful day when he should be out finding a beautiful damsel to grace his bed in this period of his wife’s illness.

Nimrod irritated at the conversation brought up what has been on his mind for a while now. Father, you know I do better at hunting so why don’t you let me concentrate on hunting while you and my older brothers face the tilling of the ground. By this we can have two great occupations, who knows, I can become so blest in the field. That’s a great one Nimrod, Raamah who had been pre-informed said and I admire your great sense of thinking. You are old enough to make your own decisions, Cush replied. Do what you know is right. Moreover you keep sneaking away on me in the farm to do your hunting. It’s just that I thought an additional son would be more useful to me on the farm. Oh, father, Nimrod said with a twisted emotional voice, don’t talk like that. Isn’t hunting farming too? It’s Just expanding our horizon. We could make more from hunting since we don’t have skilled hunters these days. There are already too many farmers. Meeting a need is the way to success, niche for yourself stands you out. From tomorrow I will go out into the hunting business full time and I would be spending more time in the field. I’m sure by now you know better than to worry about me. I need your blessings father. As for marketing my kills, that won’t be a problem at all since I already have a way with people. You might call me a people’s man. This he said with so much confidence and smiles across his face.

And Nimrod grew mighty and powerful, becoming the greatest hunter on the surface of the earth. He became so mighty that he built eight great cities including famous Nineveh.

Story based on Gen 10:7-12

IMG_20150809_145354[1] My Family and I.

How is meshed potatoes similar the Havoc Caused by Schools?

We started the career series here a few weeks back and we have tried to give a surface description of what is required for some science and medical courses here. Today we go to the social sciences and the arts. one thing i think about the social sciences and arts is that its more about creativity than memorizing laws. some of the social science courses (e.g economics, sociology, accounting, business administration) are referred to as management courses and being well informed would keep keep you on top of your game.

Economics, Sociology, Business Administration

Entry requirements: mathematics, english, government, commerce, any other relevant subject. Fpr Economics and Sociology, some schools require maths and english compulsorily and any other three credits.

Career opportunities: management positions, policy makers, etc

Professional certifications: depending on the field one finds himself, there are several professional certifications programs that keeps one relevant e.g Project Management professional (PMP)


Entry requirement: Mathematics, English, Accounting, Government, Commerce

Career opportunities: accounting officer in any organization, auditor, work in financial institutions, etc

Professional certifications: ICCA, ICAN, other certifications available depending on the sector you are located. An accountant this days most relevant chartered.

Public Relations, Psychology

Mathematics, English, Literature-in-English, History, Government, CRK, Commerce are the relevant requirements for entry.

Career opportunities: involve direct and indirect interpersonal relations with people. Good and strong communication skill is required as well as good interpersonal relationship with people. These people are very essential for the smooth running of an organisation. Psychologist are also needed for the behavioral analysis and description of people.


All art courses listed earlier Read here require almost the same subjects. Variation is subject to schools choice. While schools may require a pass in mathematics some others require a credit  pass. on a general note, mathematics, english, Lit-in-English, History, CRK, Government are some of the required courses.

Career opportunities: there are several career opportunities. From a broadcaster, International Relations officer, Linguists…to a diplomat. There are many available options so every should not run to law.

As for Lawyers, career opportunities is dependent on the area one ventures into. Criminal law, Oil and Gas law, Property law, Family law, International law, Islamic law, etc.

Professional certifications: of course, there are available certification courses in broadcast, Project management, Literary studies, Movie and music production, and all these are what really keep one relevant with the degree certificate.

Schools have kept mute on this subject for a long time and expected every child to find his/her way, what they forget is that when potatoes have become meshed it can’t be made whole again, we can only try for that is what the neglect of your responsibility has caused. So I can only try to help those who are at their tail ends but for the upcoming generation share these words to them that they may be enlightened.

For questions and comments and off course further contribution and ideas, hit the “leave a reply button” and we will answer all your questions and acknowledge your contributions or send a message on BBM 55E32A40

The Enigma of Love


Love is the warm feeling of liking and likeness for a person which leads to self giving and self sacrifice.

Musa Zekeri in the book titled The Mystery of One Flesh

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you are being asked, “how are you sure that your partner is not cheating on you when you are far apart?” and you say I know. You are pressured for an explanation but you can’t find any, you just know because you believe you know the person you are with.

I saw a movie titled “knocking on heavens door” and actually I still have. It’s about a couple who were supposed to do ministry together, they were into music but the husband got jealous of his wife because she gained more popularity than him. It seemed she started her career before they got married. This man did all sort of wicked things to his wife, he would come back to apologize and she easily forgave him and he would still repeat same cycle. I said to myself, “this woman loves this man to take all this treatment and forgive that easily without holding any grudge”.

There was another movie about a bad guy who terrorised a whole community so much so that policemen were afraid of him but the love he and his friend shared changed him, he gave up his fire arms and served prison sentence but when trust was breached and love was broken he decided to pick up his old life.

The strongest force in the world is not the force of gravity but Love. The problem of the world is lack of love or maybe the love of oneself at the cost of everyone else. A community that produces terrorist and hoodlums as well as robbers is a community that lost the core value of love. A family where siblings hate each other is a family where the parents didn’t show love nor teach the children to love.

Love and the power of love is a mystery, a mystery that can only be solved in God because He is the author and father of love. He himself is Love and there is nothing we can do about that. To say that love is dead is to say you are dead. The reason you are alive is for love, because of love. The reason you were giving birth to in the first place no matter the circumstances of your birth is for love.

There is something about love that makes the strongest man weak, that melts the most stony heart, that takes away so much wrath, that gives a depressed woman hope, that calms the tears of a child, that bonds two enemies into great friends, that binds two nations but the opposite causes so much chaos, the kind that led to world war2…

So why is it so difficult to love if that’s what we need to make the world a  better place?… To be continued.

Two Sides to a Coin


Have u ever seen people deep in argument, almost at each other’s throat, the kind that broke into a bitter fight and you don’t know if they apologized to each other afterwards? Most time those argument started out as an interesting discussion in which they had same views until there started to be a divergence. Parties involved immediately forgot that everyone is allowed his opinion.

Listen this funny story, I was discussing with a friend of mine and we got to a point where I had to use the name of Jesus. I said Jesus’… and she got offended, why should I say Jesus’ that no matter what it remains Jesus and saying Jesus’ was blasphemous. I told her it was alright to say so, it’s just like saying James’ or Thomas’or Rachael’s or Steven’s…  But she wouldn’t agree and got so angry with me for saying that and not withdrawing my statement. Quess what, we went round trying to prove each other’s point through out our reading time, wasted our time and she was so angry and we ended up achieving nothing. I backed down when a friend reminded me of a scripture that said do not get involved in vain arguments for they bring strife. But I had wasted all of that night and it took grace not to hold each other by the throat. The question is whether Jesus’ or Jesus does it change anything?

Many things have different dimensions to them, the only thing that does not is Truth where the constant k=1. Even in solving a mathematical problems there are ways to get to the right answer. That’s the beauty of life. The ability to see things in different ways, through different eyes is what makes us have different designs of clothes and shoes, building, games and gadgets. If we all see things same way there won’t be diversity. So it is when it comes to views. Listen to others views, look at it closely and discuss it in civilized manner.

Everybody has a point even though not all points are relevant to you. We all can’t stand at different point at the same time, so remember, the point from which is seeing is the point from which he is talking. Don’t force your ideology and opinions down people throat if not you are not better than terrorist.

Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter, nor in arguments that won’t put food on your table or clothes on your body nor make you a more respectable individual. Invest your time in things that add value. Some people behind the prison because of argument that resulted in man slaughter.

Be careful, be vigilant because your adversary the devil is moving about like a roaring Lion looking for whom to devour.