The Felony of Inferiority Complex


Fighting hard to find myself
But it waste no time to sink deeper
I’m pulling hard
But Archimede’s principle won’t give way
I’m beginning to despair
But my company doesn’t even care
I’m trying hard
But all seems like tantrums
I feel like I’m tied to a stake
But I discover is more than I can take
Little wonder I’m sinking
But then it’s no feeling
My company has betrayed me
But then what was I expecting
It sold me out to fear and sadness
But how could I have been so trusting
It wasn’t all together my fault
But who am I to blame
I had all at my finger tips
But how should I have known
It took an Eagles eyes to see
But I wasn’t created with one
My courage is at its lowest
But how was I to fight it
I thought I was safe in this cocoon
But how was I to know it was a facade
And now I’m all drained
But in this I find a ray of hope
In place of this wretched companion
I find my confidence beneath the cross
And all the way I walk tall
But be sure it’s no other complex.

Discovering you 2


Welcome back. Let’s continue with my story on how I wanted to be a Lawyer and as a matter of fact an outstanding one. Back then I would sit in front of the television anytime I see the gathering of lawyers. In fact that’s the only time I heed my dad’s instructions of listening to news even though I never heard what those people said. Those days were the only days I never slept off in front of the TV during news. I admired them.
My change of heart all happened one night in front of the TV as I listened to the bye comments from the mouth of the adults at home. I couldn’t imagine those things being said about me in every home if I became a Lawyer. This I never told anyone but myself. As time went on I decided to become an actress and I went to school with that in mind till I entered the Junior Secondary School. In Jss 2, I changed my mind again following a discussion I heard which got me scared(now I have a better understanding of what I heard). So I was left with no dream, no ambition, I went to school everyday because I must. I went on like that till I finished my secondary school.
As is the custom, when entering Senior Secondary School you have to choose between the science, commercial and art classes, I had come to the point to choose. Commercial class was no option for me and so I was left with science and art. What made matters difficult was that I was what we call “all round” student. I was good in all areas academically, my school could not use my Junior school NECO result to decide where I fall in and so I needed something to inform my decision. Back then I didn’t like reading, I was just trying to cultivate the habit especially since I come from a home where we were encouraged to read. I believed arts was about reading novels and poetry so I chickened out. Sciences was the only place left for me. Maybe if I had known that I would be deeply in love with reading especially those novels and writing I might have chosen arts. Finding myself in microbiology was a function of being in sciences and more of other factors that played and I believe it’s for the greater good. Off course I excelled in school in microbiology and I enjoy it but I enjoy reading and writing more.
I went through all that trouble because:
I never talked to anyone especially the adults around me. I paddled my canoe alone. Learn to never make life decisions alone. People have gone ahead so they can guide those coming behind.
Secondly, I didn’t understand myself. Why I was so unstable and easily changed my mind. My temperament played even as a child.
I also didn’t recognize my passion as a  teenager and young adult. I discovered I loved writing in secondary school but didn’t give it any thought. I wrote and dropped in my school bag. I got to love reading from SS1. In SS2  I had read many of Shakespeare’s work that many art students had not.
Giving much thought to yourself is important in discovering the you inside… To be continued

Discovering The Real You 1

If I was to carry out a statistical survey, I would find out that many people don’t know who they really are or what their passion is nor what they want to do. Where ever they have found themselves is where chances have taken them to.

When I was in Primary school, precisely primary 4 my class teacher asked us to write an essay on what we want to be in future. I remember writing four pages on what I want to be and why. My mum looked at it  and was surprised about how a child like me could write that much. Guess what I wanted to be?…

Many times I found out that we struggle in trying to discover ourselves, what we really want to do, who we really are and what do I want to go to school to study.

Now let’s embark on a journey to find you:

First let’s find out what your name is and it’s meaning. Before you think it’s ridiculous sit back and think of people you know and search the meaning of their names and how it has defined them to a large extent.

What is your hobby and passion? They both could be the same or different. It’s possible you have many hobbies but what is your passion in all your hobbies? If you able to recognize it then you can channel it well and it can tell a lot about you.

What is it you find your mind always thinking about? Is your mind always asking “why” like an academician or finding out behavioral patterns, being funny or asking logical and practical questions? They tell a lot about you.

What is your temperament? Are you melancholic, sanguine, choleric or phlegmatic? Finding out your temperament helps you to know and understand your strengths and weaknesses. And you can actually discover yourself. To know your temperament read the book by Tim LaHaye, why u do what you do and spirit controlled temperament. But we will still talk on temperament here.

Have you been trying to figure what I wanted to be? I wanted to be a Lawyer. So how did I end up a microbiologist? That’s the story for the next edition.

Easter Song

Blood flowed and sweat poured

So much they became one

Pain and agony knew no better intimacy

Each tear stung the brow

It was a day so dark

A night so hopeless

Each hour never to be forgotten

As each second bore an indelible mark

The accusations didn’t make the situation better

But he bore the weight of all curse still

And no taunting made him do otherwise

It was a task he must go through

The hopelessness of generations

The sentence of death

Were all slained in 72 hours

When a light so intense beamed

Chains were broken

Fetters crushed

Captivity became his captive

But it was not gamma rays

All that seemed like doom on friday

Became our hope on Sunday

But my victory started

When He said it was finished.

The earth paid her homage

As she gave way to her master

Apologizing for holding Him down

She had to fulfill all righteousness

But my Lord said

It had to happen

So that the groan u are subjected to

My brothers will have the power to set you free.

For Every Woman

Easy Tips to Improve Your Natural Beauty– There is a correlation between how a woman feels on the inside and how she feels on the outside. If you feel good, it will radiate in your appearance and vice versa. Some people feel good inside when they know that they look their best. Having said so, here are easy tips that you can follow to improve your natural beauty.

1. Smile a lot.As most people would say, your smile is your best accessory. When you meet people, the first thing that they see is your face. Before they even look at your dress, your shoes, your bag, and even the other features in your body, the first thing that they will notice is your face. So what better way to show confidence other than flashing your sweet smile? Smiling should be a habit especially when you greet people. Also, make sure that your teeth are at its best.

2. Always smell good. Body odor is a big turn off. How you smell reflects so much of how well you take care of your body so one of the best beauty tips that can ever be given to you is to smell good all the time. Shower regularly and always apply proper hygiene. Brush your teeth every after meal and use mouth spray if necessary. Use a perfume that is not too fragrant because an overpowering smell can irritate other people. Spray perfume only in reasonable amount.

3. Keep yourself fit. Living a healthy lifestyle is important. Be active and make exercise a part of your everyday routine. Not only will it help you maintain a healthy weight, but also it will also offer you other benefits. Women who are in shape feel better about themselves and have less insecurity compared to those who are overweight. In addition, buying clothes in style won’t be a problem because more clothes suit women who are fit.

4. Wear clothes that highlight your best feature. Not everything that’s in style fits you. You may not feel comfortable in wearing them and at the same time, these trends may not exactly highlight your body’s best feature. Know which part of your body you are most proud of and choose clothing pieces that will enhance it. Refrain from wearing clothes that will focus your weaknesses so always be smart when shopping for new apparel and accessories.

5. Be confident.A confident woman beats a woman full of insecurities any day. It doesn’t matter if someone is more beautiful than you. There are other women who may be taller than you or smarter than you but what makes the difference is how you carry yourself. Be confident and comfortable in your skin.

Great Quotes

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace by Jimi Hendrix

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Dont make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people cant take their eyes off you by Maya Angelou

From Doyin’s Desk


The baby you have is the baby you were destined to have, it was meant to be”. That’s what the adoption agency tells you. I like to think its true, but everything else in the world seems so completely random. What if one little thing I said or did made it all fall apart? what if I choose another life for myself or another person? what if I’ve been raised differently?  what if my mum has never been sick? what if, what if, what if?

Many times we find ourselves wishing for a second chance, longing to stop time, to start anew,or wondering what might have happened if we would have said yes instead of no. The problem with these daydreams is that life does not hand us a restart button.

To win at business or life, adversity has to be encountered,faced,fought and defeated.There is no other way.No options. You either beat it, or it beats you.Win,or you lose. Simple right? No.never.It’s never black or white. Never Win or lose. Something always bleed over. Something good or bad,funny or sad and sometimes its a blend of both.

Some folks say they will prefer a life of “oh wells” to “what if’s”. The thing is live life to the fullest. Let go of the “what if’s”. Don’t lick your wounds celebrate them, the scars you bear are signs of a competitor.

Your life is a gift accept it. No matter how screwed up or painful it seems to be.Somethings are gonna work out like they were destined to be.

You: A product of Your Thought

You: A product of Your Thoughts

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life.

The other day I saw this story of a young lady who made bold to let the world on her addiction to porn, how it started at the early age of 14 and how she was able to overcome it only recently. Needless to say the adverse effects on her were great and when she got her freedom she set out to help others who were facing the same challenge. But then, it all started with a thought which gave birth to curiosity and to action which led to addiction.

The most powerful weapon a person has is the thought. God recognizes this when He said during the time of the tower of Babel “whatever these people set their heart to do they will accomplish it…”

Everything a person does starts from his heart, a thought. Defeat starts from the thought as well as success, lusts starts with a thought as well as love, envy as well as hatred starts with a thought, goodness and kindness as well. Poverty as well as wealth starts from the thought.

There was a time I was afraid of failing, I never wanted to fail and so it was a contest to succeed but I wasn’t bold enough to think of success. My thoughts were constantly on “I must not fail”. Guess what, I failed with such a velocity that I couldn’t measure the acceleration. I learnt then never to be afraid of anything because your fears would always catch up with you.

Since your thought is your power house, you need to feed it. But what are you feeding your thoughts with? What are you spending your time doing, who are  spending your time listening to? What constantly occupies your mind? You can’t be talking of greatness when you are surrounded with mediocres. You won’t make the best doctor when everyone you hang out with are engineers. You can only give out what you have taken in. You can’t be better than what you feed yourself with.

Greatness is not a days work nor is failure. They are both a function of what is feeding your thoughts.

The attitude of staying positive is not only talking positive, acting positive but being surrounded by the inducers of positives. Your thoughts are too important to allow every Tom, Dickinson and Harry into it. Be selective of what enters. Be in charge of your thoughts.

Ever wondered why you don’t forget events like the way you forget your school work? Simple, the part of the brain involved are different. So events and pictures will stay longer in the side of the brain involved than chemistry or literature in its own column.

So to be the you of your dream in this reality is to guard your heart and preserve your thoughts.

The Power of Words

A single true word,

Could make a bond,

A single genuine smile,

Could take friendship a mile;

Think someone is good?

Are they truthful and firm?

Know you’ll lift their mood,

If you do go ahead and tell them.

The abused child is in need,

For nothing really in the world,

Just the words that tell him,

That he is wanted and loved;

To that person from the slum,

That you thanked for what he’s done,

His delight no one can mar,

Now he’s made you his star.

Hurt can drive one crazy,

Fill with pain and worry

But aint no healing so amazing,

As the simple words “I’m sorry”

Now these little expressions,

Could count for worthy appreciation,

Interested in striking a chord?

All you need do,say the word.

Doyin’s article

A few months  ago, oddly enough, I needed the bathroom, and I found one, a public bathroom, and I went into the stall, and I prepared to do what I’d done most of my life: use the toilet, flush the toilet, forget about the toilet. And for some reason that day, instead, I asked myself a question, and it was, where does this stuff go? And with that question, I found myself plunged into the world of sanitation —  sanitation, toilets and poop, and I have yet to emerge. And that’s because it’s such an enraging, yet engaging place to be.

To go back to that toilet, it wasn’t a particularly fancy toilet,it wasn’t as nice as the one at home. But it had a lockable door, it had privacy, it had water, it had soap, so I could wash my hands, and I did because I’m a woman and we do that.

I once saw a child doing open defecation in a popular city in Nigeria. Well, that little boy will not have washed his hands. He’s barefoot. He’ll run back into his house, and he will contaminate his drinking water and his food and his environment with whatever diseases he may be carrying by fecal particles that are on his fingers and feet.

Diarrhea is the second biggest killer of children worldwide, and you’ve probably been asked to care about things like HIV/AIDS or T.B. or measles, but diarrhea kills more children than all those three things put together. It’s a very potent weapon of mass destruction. And the cost to the world is immense: 260 billion dollars lost every year on the losses to poor sanitation. I just can’t explain it, we know about sanitation and diarrhoea but some peoples hygiene standards are so terrible.  Think about it. That little boy who’s running back into his house, he may have a nice, clean fresh water supply, but he’s got dirty hands that he’s going to contaminate his water supply with.

In India now there’s a campaign which persuades young brides not to marry into families that don’t have a toilet. It’s called “No Loo, No I Do.”Do you even know that poop can make your dinner? In Rwanda, they are now getting 75 percent of their cooking fuel in their prison system from the contents of prisoners’ bowels. So these are a bunch of inmates in a prison in Butare. They’re genocidal inmates, most of them, and they’re stirring the contents of their own latrines, because if you put poop in a sealed environment, in a tank, pretty much like a stomach, then, pretty much like a stomach, it gives off gas, and you can cook with it. Have you heard of repoopulate ( a novel method of using feacal material to cure disease)

Why I expect my country to get here anytime soon is because I know we are a blessed nation with so much inbuilt capacities and in I do know one thing, that soon the youths will rise to this great challenge . You, me, all of us can decide to sanitize. I’ve watched so many kids die of diarhoea, I’ve had a gory experience as well.

Its simple. Wash your hands and talk shit.

To see a generation where dreams are not shallow and shadowed by a lie but live to uphold true virtues.

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