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CLIMBING THE LADDER (success tips)


Don’t Stop There

I watched my eight months old son who is learning to walk as took steps and pulling me along as his support and he the guide, I was amused. As he led me enthusiastically and I sheepishly followed, he came to a point where he halted. On that spot was a sachet of milo which caught his attention and then he sat down leaving me to continue the journey if I so wish. At that moment, this thought I am about to share with you dawned on me.


Why Stop There?

How many times have you been distracted by talks, criticism, large cheque, huge pay, good recommendation and you either think you have arrived or you cannot go further?


How many times have you let go because you have tried over and again and have failed?


How many times have you settled there because you received an award in the office?


How many times have you settled there because you have gotten married and can boast of a child?


How have you come to settle because you have been able to land a job and you are content already?


You only settle in a place you think is the best. You only give up when you think it can’t get better. You only accept crumbs when you think its a favour being done to you.


So here is the truth, never stop growing until death snatches you away with its cold hands. Never stop learning until your grey hair falls to the ground. Never accept defeat until it brings out the best in you. Never think you have arrived because that idea only wastes you and destroy your potential. There is more you can achieve if you search within.

Steps to Take to Maintain Balance as You Climb the Ladder

  • Be conscious of every step you take
  • Take note of the number of quality books you read in a year
  • Look at your CV regularly to check what new qualification and skills you have added
  • Take assessment of yourself and let your friends, colleges do same for your so you can find out how well you are doing in your relationship with men and how you are growing
  • Make sure God remains at the helm of affairs in your life
  • Keep a tab on your friends and the qualities they contribute to your life


Every year, tonnes of students graduate from colleges, universities, colleges of education and other higher schools of learning. All of these graduates are released into the labour market, all looking for a good paying job. It certainly becomes paramount to find qualities that stand you out. One can’t just bank on the first class honours or second class upper because these days, many have such qualification. So how do you compete with others and win? This leads us to bring success tips that stand you out from the crowd.
1. Decide Your Fate
Map out a plan of action of what you want to do with your life and your certificate. Don’t be the person that just goes with the wind. Ask yourself what kind of work you enjoy doing, what do you enjoy doing without being paid, what are the things you have done successfully in the past and have added to your success story?

2. Seek Information
Before you go for an interview, research about the company and the industry in which company operates as much as you can. This information will help you ask questions and help you control the interview.
You seek information on the company and its culture, the duties of the position you are applying for and the major competitors in the industries. This enables you to tell your interviewers how you will be of benefit to them. Don’t be more bothered about passing the test.

3. Seek Ideas and Counsel
Ask questions from the right sources and the right people. When confused about the next step to take, ask a knowledgeable person in the field. Many graduates make the wrong choices because they don’t have the right information. Many times, our Nigerian graduates rush for their Masters degree without having any work experience, and this is not suitable for the Nigerian markets. Most employers would prefer professional certifications with your first degree or relevant work experience which can be gotten from volunteer work.

4. Never Stop Learning
Education never stops. Be open to learning new things. Read new books in your field and where you hope to be. Never be content with just getting a job, seek more fulfilling and achievable goals. For example, you are interested in investment then read books on great investors like Warren Buffet. You want to excel at your job, then read books written by Brian Tracy.

5. Use Your Social Media for Networking
Social media has become a vital tool for everyday life. You can take advantage of it to sell your skills and abilities and get relevant. Social media like LinkedIn are available for job searches and other networking advantages to help you land the right opportunity. It works because many have gotten jobs through social media. Follow people and trends that matter on Twitter and Instagram because some companies advertise vacancies on their social media handle.

6. Stay positive
You will achieve whatever it is you set your heart to do, and everything is possible to him who believes. Stay positive in every circumstance. Even in an interview, keep a positive outlook, when doing a job be positive and you can always conquer.

The listed points are just but a few which is necessary. For further consultation, reach out To SALTLAND CONSULTING through email: aromeabikiaje@yahoo.com


THE LIE (Series 4)

This is the eighth time Segun was calling her since her matriculation 10 days ago. Rose was beginning to enjoy the attention she was getting from Segun and it didn’t look harmful. Segun was smart and he flowed easily with her. He seemed to understand every subject she raised for discussion even things that pertained to law. He was like her dad. Rose felt like Segun was her dad’s son.

Today, he told her he would come check her in school. He said he had something to do in that area and when he is done he would drop by at her school. That piece of information got her so excited and she could not explain why.

Rose went to her wardrobe to look for one of her nicest gowns, tried on so many before she decided on the last gown her dad bought her before his death. It was one she cherished but above that it was one that accentuated her figure. It was a knee length pink flowered gown with some embroidery work in the chest region


Segun was finally here. He was looking all handsome on his blue jeans with a stripped blue shirt. He wore a nice hair cut with his beards neatly shaped around his face.

Rose took Segun to a comfortable place around the lecture halls.. They sat on the chairs built under the tree. They were designed like a garden which students called lovers nest.

It looks like school is beginning to have its toll on you.

Well, it dawned on me that I am in the university now after my matric, when lectures and assignment took on such intensity that, you can only imagine half of it. Rose said smiling. Moreover, university is different from secondary school and the way to graduate well is to start well from day one.

That’s the way a smart girl talks. I love girls whose skulls are not empty and I dislike beauty without brains. Segun said as he smiled at her. He felt his smiles always worked magic on her and so being generous with it was the least he could do. He was beginning to enjoy all the attention he was getting from her.

The weather was gracious to them as it offered its gentle appeal to them on plate of a cool and bright day. The time went by and it began to feel to Rose like time had wings. She could only ask it not to take this new source of joy away like it took her dad using the cold arms of death as its weapon.

How was it like when you were in the university? The lectures, lecturers, assignment, seminars and you know all the rest. Rose said as she looked into Segun’s eyes.

Segun, smiled with his lips tilted to one side and it only accentuated his pink lips.
Studying engineering was fun for me but I had more fun in other things which also make up the university system. But I still graduated with a fair grade.
So that means university is not only about lectures and lecturers. I think I should skip all the other details and leave them for another day.

OK! Just tell me how you managed School work and fellowship. Rose said.

Rose, I think I should hit the road now before the traffic makes me its captive and I can’t but obey its commands.

You would understand how the system works as you move up the ladder.

They exchanged hugs as Segun took his leave and Rose headed to her hostels.


Segun looked at his phone as he was returning from the bathroom to see whose call he had missed half expecting it to be Rose calling to check on him if he had gotten home safely. He was smiling as he looked into his call log.

Bisola! He said with a little bit of surprise.

Why did Bisola call? Maybe Rose told her I checked her up. Let me call her back when I am ready to go to bed or let me do it now before I fall asleep he soliloquized. I will call her now and get over with it.

It was funny that Bisola’s call coincides with his visit to her sister. She hadn’t been told about his visit and their conversation was interesting. She was calling to check on him. He didn’t know why this was looking funny to him but he was enjoying it. He thought within himself as he lay on his bed. I think I like these two sisters, they know how to make a man’s life interesting and who wouldn’t like an interesting life?

How is meshed potatoes similar the Havoc Caused by Schools?

We started the career series here a few weeks back and we have tried to give a surface description of what is required for some science and medical courses here. Today we go to the social sciences and the arts. one thing i think about the social sciences and arts is that its more about creativity than memorizing laws. some of the social science courses (e.g economics, sociology, accounting, business administration) are referred to as management courses and being well informed would keep keep you on top of your game.

Economics, Sociology, Business Administration

Entry requirements: mathematics, english, government, commerce, any other relevant subject. Fpr Economics and Sociology, some schools require maths and english compulsorily and any other three credits.

Career opportunities: management positions, policy makers, etc

Professional certifications: depending on the field one finds himself, there are several professional certifications programs that keeps one relevant e.g Project Management professional (PMP)


Entry requirement: Mathematics, English, Accounting, Government, Commerce

Career opportunities: accounting officer in any organization, auditor, work in financial institutions, etc

Professional certifications: ICCA, ICAN, other certifications available depending on the sector you are located. An accountant this days most relevant chartered.

Public Relations, Psychology

Mathematics, English, Literature-in-English, History, Government, CRK, Commerce are the relevant requirements for entry.

Career opportunities: involve direct and indirect interpersonal relations with people. Good and strong communication skill is required as well as good interpersonal relationship with people. These people are very essential for the smooth running of an organisation. Psychologist are also needed for the behavioral analysis and description of people.


All art courses listed earlier Read here require almost the same subjects. Variation is subject to schools choice. While schools may require a pass in mathematics some others require a credit  pass. on a general note, mathematics, english, Lit-in-English, History, CRK, Government are some of the required courses.

Career opportunities: there are several career opportunities. From a broadcaster, International Relations officer, Linguists…to a diplomat. There are many available options so every should not run to law.

As for Lawyers, career opportunities is dependent on the area one ventures into. Criminal law, Oil and Gas law, Property law, Family law, International law, Islamic law, etc.

Professional certifications: of course, there are available certification courses in broadcast, Project management, Literary studies, Movie and music production, and all these are what really keep one relevant with the degree certificate.

Schools have kept mute on this subject for a long time and expected every child to find his/her way, what they forget is that when potatoes have become meshed it can’t be made whole again, we can only try for that is what the neglect of your responsibility has caused. So I can only try to help those who are at their tail ends but for the upcoming generation share these words to them that they may be enlightened.

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