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THE LIE (Series 10)

The weather this evening was still cloudy from the rain that fell earlier in the day. Rose sat at one of her favourite spot in the house; the kitchen balcony appreciating the green the rainy season was offering generously. The environment always looked more beautiful during the rainy season, Rose thought to herself. The flowers bloom, the grasses pick up and give their finest radiance and all you can wish for is that your life picks up a hint from nature.

She wanted to ask Segun many questions but he wasn’t in the position to answer them now. She so much wanted to know if what Bisola told her was true, what had gotten him into trouble to place him on the hospital bed, was he serious when he told her he loved or was he displeased because she had not responded favourably ?

Oh! How I wish I can just get answers now, she said out loud.

Rose, you have a visitor in the sitting room. Her younger brother said to her from behind and went off immediately without further explanation.

Rose stood by the dining table as she looked at her visitor who was not yet aware of her presence. She wasn’t expecting him to visit so soon nor was she expecting him to visit at all.
Adekola Cole! What a pleasant surprise, she said walking into the sitting room.
I decided to drop by your house today and to tell my new friend that we are moving out from this area to another state. I really wanted to see you again and get your number since I don’t know when the next time will be, Adekola said.
The anger and the urge to fight grew stronger and it seemed to gather momentum every brand new day in Bisola’s heart. She just wanted Rose out of her way. Segun was all she wanted and nothing else mattered. Bisola lay on her bed restless and unsure of her relationship. She had not been able to speak with Segun able what Rose mentioned. Not that she believed it, Rose could have misunderstood his good intentions and fallen for him but she just wanted him to reiterate his love for her.
Bisola heard voices coming from the living room. Who is that? She asked herself and headed out.
Rose has a new boyfriend now? She thought as she went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of juice.

Bisola stood in front of the kitchen cabinet looking out of the window with her glass of juice wrapped round in her palm and then the ringtone of Rose’s phone brought her back to consciousness. She turned round to see that it was Rose’s phone ringing and then she knew what to do. Bisola reached for the phone and saw the caller and was more certain of what to do and how soon.

THE LIE (Series 9)

It rained heavily all night. The weather was cold this morning, all Bisola wanted to do was to remain under the duvet for want of warmth instead she opened her eyes to see that it was 6:30am. She could hear the movements in the kitchen and could tell that it was Rose in the kitchen doing her chores.

Bisola picked up her phone to see if there was any missed call from Segun. I haven’t been able to reach Segun since yesterday, hope all is well?
She dialled it again and there was an answer on the other end.

“Hello”, this is Segun’s mother.

Good morning ma. This is Bisola Alade

My daughter, how are you?

I am fine ma. I have been trying to reach Segun, is all well with him?

Hmmm! My dear, Segun was beaten to stupor by some men two nights ago and he has been in the hospital since then. He is sleeping right now.

I didn’t have any knowledge of that, I will come to the hospital later in the day to see him.

OK my dear. Greet your mother and the rest of your siblings for me.
They will hear ma. Bye for now.

Segun turned his face to mother when he knew she had gotten off the phone.
“Who was that?”

Segun you are awake and you can talk! His mother went to his bed and placed her hands on his head. How do you feel this morning? Are you still hurting badly?

Mum! I am still in pain but it feels better. So, who was that?

It was Bisola, Alade’s first daughter.

What did she say?

She has been trying to reach you since yesterday but she would be coming in to check on you.

Where is dad?

He has gone to work.

Tell him I want to see him

I will call him immediately.

My sides really hurt. Mum, they almost killed me.

Thank God they didn’t succeed. You will soon be fine.


Rose was getting done with the dishes by the time Bisola walked into the kitchen. The cooker was shining, the floor had been moped, all the cups placed on the rack and kettle was on fire for those who would want to take tea for breakfast.

Well done, you have done a nice job here. I just got sad news, Segun is in the hospital. His mother told me when I called Segun’s phone that he was attacked two nights ago by some thugs. I would be going there with mum if she is available and I guess you would want to come along.

Oh my God! Rose shouted with her mouth wide open. What did he do to warrant such treatment and where would he have gone in the night to encounter thugs? Why do bad things happen to good people?

What is that? Their mother was standing at the entrance to the kitchen. What made you scream? She was looking at Rose.

Mum! Its Segun, he is in the hospital, he was beaten up by some thugs two nights ago, Bisola said.

What?! I will speak with his mother right away.

Samson was sitting alone with his son in his ward. Segun had tactically sent his mother away to make some pepper soup for him because he felt his father would have gotten himself entangled in something that he would not have his wife know about.

Dad, those men that beat me up said they were sending a message to you through me, that you should know what was done to me is nothing compared to what they have in store for you if you don’t keep your end of the bargain. What did you get involved in?

Samson dropped his head as if feeling remorseful. Segun, its some work related stuff, just some criminals wanting me to cover their tracks. But no need to worry, I have it taken care of.

Dad! I don’t feel convinced; I feel you have crossed these people.

Segun I am sorry you had to be involved in this but what I told you is the truth.

That means you have reported this Case to the police.

I have it covered. Just get well soon so you can go to camp with this incoming batch.

The door to Segun’s room opened and they both turned to the direction of the door.

Who do I have here? Samson asked
Mrs Alade and her two beautiful daughters, you are welcome.

Good afternoon sir, Bisola and Rose greeted him and went to Segun’s bed.
How do you feel now? Rose asked

Segun looked from Bisola to Rose, it hurts badly but I feel better today.

Bisola saw the way Rose looked at Segun and became very angry. I would take care of this she said to herself.

I called you several times that evening, it didn’t go through and when it did you didn’t pick, I was feeling uneasy that day but I couldn’t place my hand on what it was. I am happy it didn’t lead to something worse. Rose said
Bisola took Segun’s hand and held it for a while not saying anything. Her phone rang, she looked at it and so it was Ronke. Excuse me, she said and went out to answer her phone.

Hello, Ronke. Sorry I didn’t call you as promised.
Bisola, hope you are good?
Yes I am, you?
I am good. I need to tell you something and it’s about Segun. You would need to be very careful with him.
How did you know Ronke? He is not looking fine at all after being beaten up. Can I call you later? I am in the hospital to see him and it won’t be polite to stay on the phone. Bye for now
Bisola returned to the room to see her mum by his bed side chatting with both father and son while Rose sat quietly.
This feels like a good omen, Bisola said.
I can see a good future for us, my mum would accept him and his father would love me for his son. Bisola thought, smiling broadly and Segun couldn’t help not noticing.


It was raining heavily by the time Segun thought he should leave the bar to go home. He had decided to go to his usual spot to drink with his friends to celebrate how the previous day went with Bisola. Hanging out with Bisola was easier than he thought. She had allowed him to kiss her in the car and he enjoyed the way she melted in his hands. If not because he wanted to look responsible, he would have gone a step further.

It was already 8pm and his parents will soon start worrying about him especially his mum. “Mothers just like to worry even when their boys become men”, Segun said to himself. Segun’s phone rang and it struck him that he had not called Rose that day at all or the day before.
Hello! Segun spoke into his phone
There was silence on the other end of the phone. Segun disconnected the call and looked at his watch.

Its quarter past 8, I should take my leave since the rain has subsided. Segun said to his friends on the table.

“Guy after six bottles of beer, you sure say you still dey gallant?” one of his friends asked

I’m cool to drive. Boys have grown into men. Segun shook their hands and took his leave.

As Segun got to door of his dad’s car which he was driving, four men which followed him out from the bar crossed him.

Can I help? Segun asked

One of the men facing him directly said amidst smiles, we want you to deliver a message to your dad.

What is the message?

Segun received a slap from the back and then blows and punches followed. Tell your dad that this is not close to what we would do to him if he doesn’t keep his end of the bargain, the man who Segun sensed was their leader said.
Rose I have a gist for you, Bisola said grinning ear to ear. When Rose didn’t respond she took note of what Rose was doing.

What is wrong with you, you look worked up?

I have been trying to call someone for two hours now, his phone is ringing but he is not answering.

“His phone”, who is the he that has you all worked up?

Leave that for later while I listen to your gist.

Bisola collected Rose’s phone from her. You are calling Segun and that is why you are worried. Segun is fine, we spoke this afternoon. That is the gist I want to tell you about. I am seeing Segun. He picked me up from school yesterday and took me out to lunch. It was so much fun. He brought me home. We shared a kiss in the car and it was beautiful. It felt like I was in heaven on earth.

Rose stood in shock, not believing her ears. Are you sure of what you are saying? Because Segun just told me recently that he is in love with me and that he wasn’t rushing me for anything.
Bisola got angry. Are you saying this to make him look bad because I said he loves me? When did he tell you he loved you?

About four weeks ago.

Then that means it’s me he loves. I don’t want you calling him again or talking to him. I thought you of all people would be happy for me not trying to get in my way. You just finished your first year and what you are thinking of is a guy instead of your future? You still have a long way to go, learn how to set your priorities right. Bisola worked out of the room angrily leaving the door open.
Segun was having difficulty opening his eyes, it felt sore and swollen. He tried moving his hands and he felt an excruciating pain. A hand rested on his chest which made him cringe in pain. He couldn’t open his mouth to ask the question in his heart.

Segun, don’t sorry. Don’t bother moving, you are safe, you are in the hospital.
That was his mum’s voice and she knew what was in his heart.

Some young men saw you by your car and rushed you here. They called us with your phone.

Segun thought about the face of the gentle looking guy smiling at him, wanting to send him a message to his father. He was here because of his father and where was he? How long had he been lying on the ground in the rain before he was found, how long has he been in the hospital? Just then someone entered the room.

Mrs Johnson, the X-ray conducted show that he has a broken rib and a broken arm, luckily there are no internal injuries from the conducted scan which means, his bouncing back won’t be too long. He would be in POP for a while though. Segun will be fine, by tomorrow he should be able to open his eyes well and talk.

That must be the doctor, Segun thought within him. He wanted to see his dad but couldn’t talk. He remembered he wanted to call Rose before the mishap. Hope he won’t be busted by the two sisters? I need to get my phone. He tried moving his fingers but that only made tears stream down his face.

What has my father done to bring this upon me? Segun thought. He heard his father’s voice from the door and he sensed he was talking to the doctor.
How is he doing? He is due to go for service in three weeks’ time, will he be ready to go by then?

Mr Johnson, your son should be back by then but not strong enough for any rigorous activity. But he can go to camp to sign in and take excuse on health ground to come back for monitoring. His POP is meant to stay on for six weeks.
Thank you doctor, Johnson said.
You are welcome. I hope we can lay hold of the culprits which he should be able to tell us by tomorrow.
I hope so too. Let me see my son.

THE LIE (Series 6)

Helen Alade was at home preparing for the return of two of her daughters from school. Rose was through with hundred level and Bisola was entering four hundred level. How she wished Samson was here to see how their daughters’ lives were taking shaped. They were beautiful and it was no secret that they were very attractive. When young men come knocking on her door for these girls, how was she going to handle it alone? Of a truth Samson’s family had been supportive but they were not her husband. She didn’t know how she was going to handle the role of the father and mother. God this is too ponderous for me. She didn’t know when she heaved out so loud neither was she aware that tears were flowing freely down her check. She had never envisaged this loneliness that Samson’s death had offered her freely with no price at all. She would give anything to have him by her side again. Just then her son’s image crossed her mind and she smiled. He was beginning to take the form of his father so much that she could almost call him her husband. This gave her some respite and gave her a feeling of nearness to her husband. Helen decided to lie down on the sofa to ease the pressure she was feeling on her waist and slowly she drifted into sleep.

Helen jacked out of sleep. She had a dream and it didn’t look good to her. She saw Bisola and Rose in an enclosed room fighting over a piece of rag; they both were bitter and were not ready to let go. Then she called out to them with the aim of calling them to order. Rose looked at her direction but Bisola would not. Rose finally left the rag and walked away sad without a word to either of them. All of a sudden, water filled the room and Bisola stood there until the water was up to her neck but by now it was late, she was beginning to drown and all her effort to rescue Bisola was abortive. In this struggle she woke up.

What could this mean? She asked herself.  she looked at the wall clock in the sitting room, it was 4:05 PM. Bisola would be here anytime from now. She got up and headed to the kitchen to prepare their dinner, Bisola’s favourite.

Bisola and Ronke were headed to their hostel after writing their last paper when Bisola noticed a black SUV parked not too far from their hostel with someone that looked like Segun. As they draw closer she noticed it was Segun.

Ronke, see Segun standing beside the black SUV under the tree.
Is that the Segun you always talk about?

Yes! Bisola said without noticing the tremor in Ronke’s voice.

Are you sure he is the same family friend you talk about?

What sort of question is that? Bisola retorted

I’m sorry. I was just making sure you knew what you were talking about. But since you know, I will wait here while you go and say hello.

No need to wait Ronke. Go ahead; I will join in the hostel.

Segun was busy with his phone when Bisola stepped up beside him. I guess you are waiting for someone. She said in order to call his attention

Segun raised his head instinctively. Bisola, here you are. I was going to wait another fifteen minutes to dial your number. How was your exam? He asked as he rested his elbow on the SUV smiling down at her

It was great. And just like that I am a final year student.

Segun smiled. To mark your remarkable achievement, I want to take you out for a treat. And since you haven’t told me about any boyfriend, I believe I won’t be disturbing any earlier arrangement.

I am supposed to head home today and I have called mum to tell her I would be coming home today. Maybe I should tell her I would be hanging out with you and so would be coming home tomorrow.

No need for that Bisola. You would still be going home today. I will take you out for a while then drop you off at the nearest bus stop to your house and a taxi would take you home. I won’t keep you too long.

Ok! Then let me get my things from my hostel. Can you help my roommate to the gate where she would board a bus to her place?

If your roommate would not mind my help, Segun said.

Ronke are you ready? Bisola asked as she entered the room

This is the longest hello I have ever seen, this kind of hello that takes forever.

Ronke don’t be ridiculous. Anyway, hurry. He is waiting for us.

Ronke looked up in surprise. What for? Has your hello not ended?

It was me he came to see. He is taking me out to celebrate my transition from 300 level to 400 level and the success of all my papers. So I asked him to help you outside the gate.

Thank you but I will pass.

Ronke, why? It’s just to make things easier for you.

Bisola you are keeping the young man waiting. I can take care of myself. Just take care of yourself.

It’s also possible he wants to tell me how he feels about me today. Bisola said as if it was a knowledge that suddenly dawned on her and her excitement increased.

Bisola, be careful not to throw your pearl to the swine for not all that glitters is gold some are just cut out glass. You know I’m older and more experienced.

You sound like you ken something of Segun. Don’t worry I can take care of myself. I won’t just throw caution to the wind because I am head over heels. Ronke dearest, take care, I will call you to update you of our little outing

Ronke bit her lips as she watched Bisola move out with her things.
This is not happening to me again, not again; Segun dating another friend of mine. I hope I have not been jinxed with Segun. I ought to have graduated two years back but thanks to Segun I had to leave my school and I had to start all over. And tears streamed down her face as she thought of all that had happened.
Segun was dating her best friend Jumoke and he got her pregnant. Immediately he discovered Jumoke was pregnant he said he was no more interested. He had told Jumoke that if she wanted his attention she would have it but she knows what to do.

Ronke, I am pregnant and I have decided to get an abortion. Segun treats me like thrash right now and the only way I can have him back is to get an abortion. Jummy as she fondly called her friend told her one night. Jummy was not asking for her counsel but was telling her as a matter of information. She wished Jummy had never told her anything then because that knowledge changed her world. And when she was starting to pick up her life together, Segun enters it again.

Jummy finally went for an abortion. And who did she meet to help out with information and direction on who could handle it, the third in rank to a cult who was also a rival group to Segun’s cult? After the procedure she had rested at his place before he brought her to the hostel in the night between 7 and 8 PM. Segun had gotten wind of the information that his girl was in this guy’s place. He got his men together for that was enough ground for them to start another bloody war. It was then they knew that Segun was a cultist. Jumoke was caught in the gun fight that night and that was how her chapter was closed. Segun knew that I had knowledge of the whole incidence so I had to run before he came for my life. Jumoke’s death was difficult to get over and she had lived with the pain all this while.

And now that bastard shows up for my friend again. I won’t allow. I will think of a way of preventing another calamity without compromising my identity. I can’t tell Bisola this story; that would be putting both of us at risk.

Ronke laid her head on her pillow and cried all over for Jumoke and now for Bisola then sleep came and took her away graciously.

THE LIE (Series 5)

What seemed like a blossoming friendship becomes a budding relationship. Rose couldn’t help falling in love with Segun. He was filling many of the holes her father left. She had come to live with the reality of her father’s death and that was because of Segun, she thought to herself.

She looked forward to his call everyday but the outcome of today’s call she wasn’t expecting. She had thought about it several times but when it came, she was left confused.

He had just told her he loves her. He said he wasn’t asking for anything, he just wanted to let his feelings out. She was almost hitting herself for not saying anything in return.

How could I have gone mute, acting like I was transfixed? I could have just been the statute of Herbert Macaulay that instant. I had longed to hear those words and when it finally came, I just went confused.

But he always understood her and always comes to her rescue, she smiled as she thought.
I know you love me too but you don’t have to say anything, it will come out just in time without me pressuring you. He had said to her.

She was grateful for his words. He knew how to give the tonic needed for the moment. His words were always soothing. Rose was grateful for this moment Segun was in her life.

I might consider telling Bisola when I get home next week for the semester break.


Tomi Johnson’s phone rang at 2:30pm. His secretary was in his office searching for a file he had asked her to get for him about an hour ago.

Sir, your phone has rang twice now, why are you not answering it. It might be an important call.

Have you found the file I asked for?

No sir.

So why don’t you mind that and let me mind my phone.

He saw the look of suspicion on her face. I have a new policy of avoiding strange numbers as much as possible. All these people asking for one favour or the other from the office of the State Controller of the customs can weary one.

Yes sir. She responded to dismiss him but she was beginning to smell something fishy starting with this file of Mr Alade Johnson she was looking for.

Johnson’s phone rang the third time and he decided to answer in other to evade any other question from his secretary.

Hello, Sir. Good afternoon sir. Sorry for disturbing you. I know you are a very busy man. The caller said into the phone.

Hello. Who am I talking with? Johnson asked.

It’s Mr Ade.

Oh! Bro Ade how are you?  I don’t have this number

Sorry about that, it one of my other lines.

It looks similar to one of the numbers that called me yesterday to.., never mind. Any news for me?

It’s about your son’s NYSC posting. I have been able to attach him to the place of his choice. He said he wanted Oyo state.

Why Oyo? I thought he would be wise enough to choose Lagos or Abuja or Port-Hacourt.
He just knows how to ruin my plans. Just when I give him the opportunity to make a choice so I can see what he is capable of handling…Anyway let him do whatever he wants this time. Thank you very much Bro Ade. God bless you.

Yes sir, Thank you sir. Enjoy the rest of your day. Bye

He could hear his heart singing a song of relief. It wasn’t the call he had dreaded all day. They had given him till 2:30pm or he would regret what they were going to do with him.

He picked up his phone to call Segun but had a rethink. He wasn’t going to waste his time on Segun’s choice. He had more serious matters to deal with.

Miss Secretary, you are taking too long to bring out that document.

Sir, I can remember that the last time I handled that document you asked me to leave it on the table that you would take care of it and that was 3 months ago.
Well, now same person is saying you should find it. So find it!


Bisola, you have been quiet for a greater part of the day. Is all well with you? Ronke her roommate and course mate asked.

When was the last time you loved a guy that it feels your heart is almost reaped out of its cage?

So who are you in love with? You haven’t told me about loving any guy before so this one must be quite a catch.

His name is Segun. The same guy that has been calling me for a while now. I’m unable to put him out of my mind. What should I do?

I think you should wait till you get home next week, maybe he is waiting for you to come home before he tells you how he feels about you, then we would know what next to do. How often does he call you?

Almost everyday.

So that means he feels the same way but men like to take their time. I would also advise you give him some space. It won’t be too healthy for you to get attached to him. For all you know he might just be enjoying your company and might not be ready to make any commitment. That’s who smooth talkers are. It’s also possible he is taking advantage of your heart.

I don’t think so Ronke. Segun is such a great guy. My sister would even like him for me. She feels at home with him, he knows just how to calm my mum down and enter her world. He is simply fantastic. I’m not sure I can wait for another two weeks to hear him tell me he loves me. He is just the boyfriend I have dreamt of having.

Anyway, Stand up let’s go and read for our next paper which is only next tomorrow by 8:30am.

Ronke why are you acting like you don’t know what it means to feel this way. You have had two boyfriends.

Bisola, I didn’t throw my head away for love. My books were still priority. Moreover I didn’t suck up in bed dreaming about someone who has not made his intentions known to me. I think it’s time you even define this relationship with this family friend of yours. I don’t like people who don’t know what they want. Stand up let’s go now!

Bisola’s phone rang and it was Segun.

Hello Bisola, I want to wish you success as you prepare for you next tomorrow’s paper. Study hard and don’t allow any distraction that is not me. I’m a sweet distraction that won’t cause you to fail. But make sure you concentrate and take care of yourself. Good night dear.

Thank you Segun. Good night.

Bisola smiled as she dropped her call and Ronke shook her head.

It was time to read and nothing was stopping Ronke, not even Bisola’s love Story.
Can we go now lover girl?
Yes we can.


Its been a while I blogged bt I’m happy to be here because I sure missed blogging but I missed you more. So here is a new fiction series that I hope you enjoy as you follow…


(Series 1)

It was a cool Sunday afternoon; the sun stood in sky but held a gentle appeal over the residence of Alade Samson. Cool breeze blew and the trees moved in response to the flow.

Rose sat in the balcony of the kitchen taking in the cool air. This is one of the days she likes, when the sun is out but not scorching and the breeze blows with a gentle whisper with no interruption and then her mind can drift with its rhythm into her fantasy where she hears the birds sing in the trees and she can sing along with them because she knows their songs. Because they would be singing with her of her lover and how her prince charming is coming with a chocolate box and holding out to her a parcel. In the far away distance she hears her love that is yet to show his face calling out her name.

Rose, she felt a strong tap on her left shoulder. So you are here and I have been shouting your name.

She jerked back to her senses. It was her dad at her back talking to her in his gentle but firm voice.  

What are you day dreaming about this time that you lost your ears or maybe the sun burnt it?

Dad, I’m sorry. Just that I didn’t hear you.

Go get me juice with some cake, Alade Samson said as he strolled back into the sitting room.

Rose went into the kitchen without a word. Her father was a patient man; she knew that and hardly raised his voice except for obvious reasons.

Rose had been the closest of her four siblings to her dad of which she was the second. She had just finished SS2 and was preparing to enter SS3 where she would be preparing to write her WAEC and NECO. Entering SS3 was a great achievement so far and her Father couldn’t hide his delight. Rose and her mum didn’t make good friends because it seemed they were constantly at each other’s throat and Rose couldnt explain why but she could only guess that the tension between them was because of all the attention she was getting from her dad which her mum thought was due her. Alade had always thought the rivalry unnecessary.

Rose, her father called out to her. Please attend to the door.

She came out with the glass of juice and a slice ok cake, dropped it on a stool beside her dad and headed straight to the door.

Who is there?

Mr Johnson, the visitor outside answered.

She opened immediately. Good evening sir

Good evening Rose. How are you doing this evening?

Very well sir.

You were exceedingly beautiful today in your outfit in church.

She grinned so widely and said, “thank you sir”.

Segun is coming, he is getting some items out of the car, please hold on for him. Johnson said as he went to the sitting room through the pre-sit.

Segun came carrying a carton of wine with two loaves of bread on it. Rose good afternoon, how are you today? Fine she answered.

There is a basket of fruits left beside the car, please help me with that.

Alright, she said and headed to the car to get the basket of fruits.

Johnson! My amiable controller! What a pleasant surprise. We saw in church and you didn’t tell me you would be coming around. You are welcome. Alade and Johnson exchanged a pleasant handshake.

How is your wife? Johnson asked

She is fine. And she is inside taking a nap.

Bisola! Alade called out to his first daughter who was at home for her 200 level semester break.

We have a visitor, please come attend to him.

Just then Segun entered with the things in his hands and dropped it close to the wall dividing the sitting room and dining room.

You are here with your son, it’s a nice one. Segun prostrated to greet Alade.

God bless you my son. How are you today?

I’m fine sir. Thank you

Just then Rose entered with the basket of fruits which she took straight to the kitchen. She came back to take the carton of wine and loaves of bread.

Thank you Johnson for the gifts

My pleasure, Alade. No one comes to the house of the king empty hand

Alade smiled and shook his head. Its always being in your nature to whine and today you haven’t done differently.

It’s being a while we visited each other and I thought that since I have my leave, I should see you and find out how the family is doing.

Rose came in with a pack of juice and two glasses since that of her father was still there and served it down while Bisola was fixing something for them to eat.

Bisola came out a while later with Amala dished out in her mum’s chinaware and a bowl of Ewedu soup and stew with assorted meat in another bowl and invited them to the dinner table. They gisted about everything and anything over their meal, Segun wasn’t left out of the discussion.

Thanks for the wonderful meal Bisola. You overfed us and I’m sure if your mum was awake she wouldn’t have done anything different. Bisola smiled and packed the dishes into the kitchen

Alade, Johnson called.

Yes, he lifted his eyesbrows from his plate of food.

Your daughters have grown into beautiful women. I think you should consider buying a dog to guard your gate. And both of them burst into laughter.


Oh, that bastard, that son of a.., then she came back to herself. I don’t like to use such foul but that beast, just makes me do that. Oh, God! She said with her hands covering her face, I don’t know how I’m going to manage not to pull the trigger right into his forehead if I see him. Just make me not to sight him because he might just be better off dead.

Oh, my sister, then the tears flowed freely like some pool had just been let loose. How could this have happened to her? She had kept herself all this while with a promise that only her husband will take his rightful due then this wench, comes and snatches it from her and in such a manner that she ends on admission unconscious. He has to pay! I will fight him until he loses all he cherishes most. He thinks he knows how to rob, he has just robbed the wrongest person. For now let me check how Mercy is doing. My shower calls, after answering the call then my pursuit begins.

Simon and two of his friends were in the lounge of his house chatting and gisting. Simon, it was Tade calling on him, you have been distant since we came around. Is all well?

All is well just not really in the mood today. Feel like lying on my bed.

And relishing the fun of yesterday, Sammie said with a teasing smile.

Simon smiled with heaviness in his throat like a big rock was there and he was finding it hard to swallow. Excuse me guys, I will just retire to my bed. You know how to take care of yourselves. My head hurts and I hope a nap will ease the pain. Lock the door with your spare of the key Tade, don’t bother waking me up. He stood and strode away like he might fall from a long time illness that has eating into his bones. Simon laid his bed and for the first time he was really grateful he had this bed, the only friend he could really tell the truth and would not leave him, the only friend he could share his unabated restlessness and guilt. He didn’t think he would feel this way after what happened, it was normal to have sex. If it didn’t happen that way it would have happened another way, all is still sex. But his heart and profession told him no. consent is different from force. And so he couldn’t sleep.

Mercy was awake when Nkem entered. She ran to hug her sister and started crying. I’m sorry for what happened, I’m sorry I didn’t see it coming but I promise you that he will pay for it. His license is what I want to be taking from him. His 7 years of study will be taken from him, his years of practice will be robbed him as he robbed you of what you priced most. You ended many relationships because you won’t give what they were asking and then that beast of an animal, the devil in human skin comes along and snatches it away from you and leaves you in this bed. He is not supposed to be walking on earth but I will fight him with all in me. Mercy sat still looking at her sister blank like she was transported into another realm.

Tosin entered with food and beverage she had gone out shortly to buy for Mercy. Thank you Tosin. Can I see privately? Nkem asked. They stepped out to the hall way. How did it happen, who was this guy? How did they meet? Tosin started to speak with a tone of regret. He is a colleague in the hospital. We all became friends about six months ago. He looked like a good guy and we felt safe around him. His name is Simon Adeyemo. The name stroke a cord in her. She had met him before or so it seemed to her. Do you know where he lives? I want to contact my lawyer.

I know where he lives. But Mercy doesn’t want us to meet him. She believes he has done the havoc, so what can redeem the irredeemable.

Rubbish, arrant rubbish, Nkem retorted. I don’t want to care what she thinks, I’m going to get justice for her no matter what it takes. Just take me to where he lives or give me his address. I will make sure he craws and begs and then ends up losing everything he loves. If he comes back to this world a second time he would never talk to a woman talk more of raping her.

Alright. When do you want us to go to him? Tosin asked.

When I contact my lawyer later in the day, we would conclude when to go…

This was the eight month after the incidence of the rape and it looked like Mercy had moved on but Nkem was still on her vengeance mission and her vengeance motion would not let Mercy forget what she bury under the carpet.

Nkem’s phone rang, it was her lawyer. Nkem, Simon has being calling and said you still refuse picking his calls. He is pleading for an out of court settlement. Nkem, he was silent for a while, Simon is sorry and we should at least give him a chance.

Nkem blurted out. Do you know what it means to be raped? Or is it because it was not your sister that was raped? But Nkem, you sister wants us to let this rest. Does she really know what is good for her? Nkem I believe we should handle this matter in a better way. Bitterness has eaten into you, even the victim is not as victimizing as you. I would like to get over this conversation and continue other things. We would meet in court next week or hopefully before then. Bye for now.

She dropped her phone on the table and was walking towards the refrigerator to pour herself some juice to calm her nerves and then her phone rang. Who is that calling again?

Hello, who is on the line?

Its Stella, Sis Stella from church. Oh! Sis Stella, how are you?

I’m fine. I’m actually calling you in respect to the Christian community worship coming up the last Saturday in August in church. You are supposed to be part of it but we haven’t seen you for all while in church. So please we would love you to make yourself available in church. Do we have an assurance of your presence? She smiled into her phone and said she would be available for the rehearsals and preparation.



11:30 PM, 30 minutes to cross over into the new year. A year full of great expectations, so much hope, so many dreams, so many restitution. Nkem’s mind traveled to the lands of possibilities and map of accomplishment the moment she looked at the wall clock in the 700 capacity auditorium of The New Covenant Baptist Church located at Akute. Pastor Philip has mounted the pulpit since 11pm and all Nkem’s heart was waiting to hear was him saying “we have crossed over into the new year, celebrate and congratulate your brother for making it into the new year”. The outgoing one wasn’t so much of a success, she couldn’t afford to call it a total failure even though she wished she could but that would be negative thinking she told herself. By the time we cross over the Pastor will tell us the message and promises God gave him for us or rather me this year. Let me speak for myself.

Simon, you are a badoo, skilled in all your tricks. You are such genius, no girl can ever peep into your house and you will not scatter. His friends were praising him as they five of them sat at bar in Victoria Island popularly called VI which was their usual hanging spots at such time of the year celebrating their conquest for the cross over. Simon, you ended the year well, Tade said to him. Being able to get that girl into your bed is the highlight of the year. Men, being able to convince a 22 year old virgin is no joke but Simon did it. Let’s toast to it. Bar man, Wale called out, give us any drink in the range of 250 to 300 hundred thousand Naira, we’ve got to pop some wine. What Simon didn’t tell his friends was that he turned a rapist to win that conquest. What he didn’t tell his friends, was that the girl was currently in the hospital and it was likely police would soon be on his backs.

It was 11:59, Nkem’s heart was exceptionally heavy and full of anticipation she couldn’t explain. She got wondering if it was because of the eagerness to get out of this year or it was something else but she tried to find peace. Lord if it’s because I haven’t being paying much attention to Pastor’s prayers forgive me and intercede for me. Congratulations, we have crossed over, praise the Lord, celebrate him in the beauty of His Holiness, the Lord is faithful, He is the ultimate good, ever loving, all giving and forgiving, she seemed to hear the pastor’s voice from a faraway land. Congratulations, Mr Nelson, the church secretary took her hand and went by to others bringing her back to the land of reality. She instinctively looked at the time, 12:05am. The time she had monitored for a long time and just less than a minute to her mark she was distracted, God hope this is not what is going to happen this year to me, I can’t stand another distressing, unfulfilled year. Then she remembered greet someone and she started her journey of happy new year round the over packed auditorium…

Nkem woke up by 6am, the time her body was already accustomed to. This year is a year of forgiveness, the sermon pastor Philip gave for the year’s theme greeted her as she woke. I don’t have anyone I haven’t forgiven that I know of. When I have time I will take a walk back and forgive all… then her phone rang. Happy New Year wishes from everyone, they won’t allow me wake up.


Yes, it’s Tosin, Mercy’s friend

Tosin, how are you?

I’m fine.

Happy new year, dear

Same to you

I’m calling you because of your sister, Mercy. She is on admission in the hospital.

What happened to her? She asked a little distressed, since Mercy just finished her training as a physiotherapist and she is doing her internship, she would understand her body better. Then she noticed Tosin was hesitant on the other side of the phone and then she really started panicking.

What happened to her? She was raped by someone who was supposed to be a friend and colleague.

When did this happen? Yesterday evening around 6pm. I went out to buy groceries for cooking and by the time I was back by 7:15pm she was on the floor battered and kind of unconscious.

Is she in the hospital where she is doing her internship? Yes. We got here last night. And since then I have been trying to reach you but your number was not reachable.

Has she woken up now? As all she ask amid the thoughts rushing into her. Was that why God sent a message on forgiveness? Why did He let it happen? So He can test my obedience on forgiveness? After I had looked forward to this year and then on the first day this is what greets me good morning. She didn’t even hear the response of Tosin to her question that she had woken earlier but had been put back to sleep by the doctor after giving them the information they required of her and had started treatment on her neither was she aware that Tosin had gone off after shouting so many hellos into her phone.

My Special Birthday piece: The First Greatest Man on Earth

Mama Seba congratulations oh, you have another bouncing baby boy. He is such a cutie. That was the sound of various visitors that early morning in Cush’s house as they came to greet the new baby. His older brothers surrounded his bed side and all visitors found the baby very cute. The midwife looked at the baby and said, this baby is beautiful but smaller in size than other babies you have had. Mama Seba looked with smiles, thank God for the delivery in the first place because this is the most difficult delivery I have ever had. From the way he was behaving in the womb I thought this would be the biggest baby I would ever have.

Cush was outside with some of his friends sitting in the foyer welcoming visitors and not thinking about going to farm and his two grandsons Sheba and Dedan, sons of Raamah playing not too far from him. Congratulations my in-law, Gomer a close relative of his wife said to him as he came near. Thank you but you know this is not the first time I am going this way. Thank Yahweh I have an additional hand to help in my farm work. I hope he is as strong as his brother. In between him and his brothers are three girls, I just hope he doesn’t get to think like women coupled with the fact that he is tiny.

Inside the women asked Mama Seba what the baby’s name was. Nimrod she said as she looked upon her tender gift with such tenderness that could melt an iron back to its ore. The name soothes him well and it’s not a very popular name in our community. Her sister-in-law looked quite shocked, why that name, she asked? Because of all the trouble he gave me in the womb, seems to be that he is going to be more of a rebel. Who knows he might revolt against God for all the trouble he has brought upon us. She said the last statement with a sigh and her eyes staring into some distant land. You know, my husband’s field hasn’t produced much in this year and now that this one is coming he might break the jinx…

Nimrod! Nimrod! Nimrod! Cush shouted from the door way. Yes father. What are you doing inside wasting my time, you don’t like going with me to the field. Nimrod came out just then dressed for farm work, we can go now. With hoe and cutlass tied to the back of the donkey and the brothers waiting ahead, Nimrod and his father mounted their donkeys and started out in silence. Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sebteca started a story about a beautiful damsel they met the previous day and the bet they had on who would get to her first and win her heart. Seba and Raamah can’t join us in this expedition since they are married and Seba is the good husband taking care of his wife who chooses to take ill on this fateful day when he should be out finding a beautiful damsel to grace his bed in this period of his wife’s illness.

Nimrod irritated at the conversation brought up what has been on his mind for a while now. Father, you know I do better at hunting so why don’t you let me concentrate on hunting while you and my older brothers face the tilling of the ground. By this we can have two great occupations, who knows, I can become so blest in the field. That’s a great one Nimrod, Raamah who had been pre-informed said and I admire your great sense of thinking. You are old enough to make your own decisions, Cush replied. Do what you know is right. Moreover you keep sneaking away on me in the farm to do your hunting. It’s just that I thought an additional son would be more useful to me on the farm. Oh, father, Nimrod said with a twisted emotional voice, don’t talk like that. Isn’t hunting farming too? It’s Just expanding our horizon. We could make more from hunting since we don’t have skilled hunters these days. There are already too many farmers. Meeting a need is the way to success, niche for yourself stands you out. From tomorrow I will go out into the hunting business full time and I would be spending more time in the field. I’m sure by now you know better than to worry about me. I need your blessings father. As for marketing my kills, that won’t be a problem at all since I already have a way with people. You might call me a people’s man. This he said with so much confidence and smiles across his face.

And Nimrod grew mighty and powerful, becoming the greatest hunter on the surface of the earth. He became so mighty that he built eight great cities including famous Nineveh.

Story based on Gen 10:7-12

IMG_20150809_145354[1] My Family and I.