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THE LIE (Series 13)

Rose stood at the open door looking at who was standing in front of her. She wanted to run into his arms and hug him forever and protect him from all the ills of the world. She wanted to be the one to take any blow this cruel world wanted to mete out to him, she wanted to hold his head against her chest and tell him all was well and tell him sorry for all the pain he had gone through in the hands of all those hoodlums as she stared into his beautiful eyes and well combed and dressed afro hair. But she couldn’t move her feet from where she was standing. She wanted to ask him what she had done wrong to make him send him those hurtful words but her mouth couldn’t open. She wanted to at least say good morning but the words got stuck in her throat as she looked at him.

God he looks stronger and healthier and definitely more handsome with the scar on his forehead.

Tears wanted to trickle down her face but she caught herself.

“ Rose , good morning”. Segun finally broke the silence. “At least can you let me in?”

Rose said sorry and moved out of the way.

“Where is Bisola?”

“I will call her for you right away. Welcome. How are you doing now?”

“I’m fine, thank you”.


Helen was on her way out of the kitchen when she met Rose.

“ Who is around?”

“Segun”. Rose answered

“Segun?” Helen said with a look of surprise

“Is he strong enough to come out now?” she asked and left to see Segun without waiting for an answer.


“Bisola”, Rose called her sister.

“Segun is around and has asked to see you”.

The moment Bisola left, Rose sat down and wondered if she was just Segun’s game all along and why her sister is being insensitive, she couldn’t understand. They are friends or at least used to be before she told her about Segun.


Segun’s eyes drifted to Rose while he sat. She looked beautiful to him and sweet but how that sweetness was just a façade told him a lot about himself. How her innocent looks masked her cruel nature left him wondering. He wished he came here to see Rose alone because all he could think of while battling for his life was Rose but instead his desire for Rose could just be secret for now while he stays with Bisola at least out of appreciation while he figures what he is really going to do.

Bisola came out to meet her mum talking with Segun comfortably seated on their sofa. She didn’t like this at all, when was she going to wait before she it gets to her turn to have Segun to herself. Helen turned to Bisola who was standing behind her. Get him something to drink before you go to prepare something for him.

Bisola left for the kitchen and ordered Rose to take a pack of juice and glass to Segun and come back to boil rice and heat the vegetable for Segun while she went back to the sitting room and sat down praying her mum ends her discussion immediately.

Helen couldn’t help noticing the uneasiness in her both daughters around Segun. While it seemed Bisola was flirting with him, Rose looked rather sad around him and then she remembered her dream and she knew that instance that she needs to hold a late night discussion with her two daughters who she just noticed have really become women happening to be in love with the same boy.


Bisola lay on her bed smiling to herself.

“Today is the best day of my life”, she thought to herself.

Segun on his first outing came to her place. My act of betrayal was worth it after all. And she played the scene in her head again. She had taken Rose’s phone that day in the kitchen when Segun called and she had cut the call and sent messages to him using Rose’s phone telling him he is a liar and a cheat and deserves to rot in hell and not to survive that attack. How she is better off without him and that she has found a better man to take his place in her life. She sent another message to tell him she never loved him, she was only making use of him to fill the vacuum she felt after the loss of her father. Bisola smiled; I didn’t know I could do such. Then she continued to play the scenes in her head. She went out and told Rose that she wants to take the picture of Rose and Adekola Cole and when she was done, she told Rose she wanted to make use of her phone and then she went to her room and sent the images to Segun on WhatsApp, telling him that that was her new boyfriend, that Segun should never call her number again. Segun kept calling to know what was leading to the insult but she kept cutting the calls and deleting his messages and the one she had sent using Rose’s phone and at the end blocked Segun’s number on Rose’s phone.

When Rose came to collect her phone she didn’t know all that had transpired on her phone.

Truthfully, I didn’t think this would work as easily as it did on both of them but it did. This holiday was a beautiful one after all. I wished I could write an essay on how I spent my last holiday, Bisola said out loud with a sigh of relief.


Rose sat on her bed looking at her clothes neatly arranged in her box. The holiday was finally over and she was grateful for this time to finally return to school.

All I need right now is a break from this stranger that was my sister. Rose said to herself.

Segun had come to her house today but she didn’t get any explanation for his actions and hurtful words. She laid her head on her bed and cried; longing for someone to talk to when she remembered Adekola. Rose picked up her phone and dialled his number but no response on the other end.

THE LIE (Series 12)

Segun was bubbling this morning. He had grown stronger and healthier in the last three months after the horrible attack even though his attackers had left a scar across his face precisely on his forehead but fortunately it made him look more macho and handsome. Tade, Segun’s mum watched her soon as he ate his breakfast.

It looks like this Bisola girl has a lot to do with your recovery, you up and excited about going out. If I had my way you would still be staying in for a while. The POP just came of your arm.

“Mum! I am fine. I have not gone anywhere except the hospital”.

 And I want to go out to see what is happening and really I want to see Bisola and really Rose, he said inside himself. I want to see how she looks now after dumping me in such a cruel manner and even that, I can’t help my growing attraction for her. Bisola has been a great friend in this time and I want to greet her.

“I want you to be careful. We don’t know the angers locking around you even though your father says he has taken care of it”, Tade said.

“Yes Ma!” Segun got up from the dining table and headed for the door.


“Are you going somewhere this morning?” Helen asked Bisola after watching her daughter’s demeanour. She was excited and did all her choirs heartily but most notably, she looked very beautiful this morning. Her braids were packed up in a ponytail; she took time to apply her makeup and wore a sweet scent.

Bisola smiled. “Let’s just say I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and felt like looking good.”

Helen looked at her daughter and did not feel comfortable with her answer but decided not to push. Some puzzle was missing, while Bisola grew happier everyday Rose was withdrawn and quiet and she was locking everyone else out and hidden the key somewhere possibly with her father’s ghost. Since Samson died, all she wanted to do was fill that vacuum in Rose’s life but she had never really succeeded and just then Segun came along. Segun! It struck a cord in her. Could all this withdrawal of one and excitement of the other have anything to do with Segun? But she couldn’t fathom why until there was a knock on the door.


Johnson sat on his chair wondering how to get out of this mess he found himself.

 Everybody is greedy, and tell me where greediness ever gets anyone to. I gave these boys what I had in mind for them but now they are saying they want it shared 55/45. If I give in to their demand what would have been the point of the deal? Moreover they killed my friend when all I asked them to do was get the documents needed to access the deal. They gave the lame excuse that he was stubborn and in the process saw one of their faces. How was that his fault? Now they are threatening to implicate me in the death of Alade. Treacherous is what they are. If they would agree to 70/30, then I could manage.

A text message entered his phone. “Your wife is on her way out and this time be grateful if lives to tell you the story” was the message on his phone.

Immediately, everywhere was so cold and he started shivering, he dialled his wife’s number but she wasn’t answering her phone.

He sent a message back to them, “I would meet you demand, proceed to my office immediately”.

“No! Meet us at our usual joint”. They responded.


Tade pick up her phone to see that her husband had called her several times. She had kept her phone inside her purse and put it in the inner space in her handbag and zipped it up before she entered the shopping mall to get groceries. Today that Segun was out, she decided to go out and buy all what was needed herself rather than send the new maid they got only recently.

Why did her husband call her several times, what could he have wanted? He hasn’t called her while he was at work for years unless there was something he urgently needed and that only happens once in a red moon. But she couldn’t remember when last she saw up to ten missed calls from him.

She wanted to call him back but decided against it in order not to secure his wrath and have him make today a bad day for her.

She entered her car and drove off.

THE LIE (Series 11)


Photo credit: Gabriel
IG: @iamgabrihel

Rose laid still on her bed, the night stretched longer and this night was especially long and cold. The last time she felt this way was when she was dealing with her father’s death but she went through it because there was Segun to hold her up but same Segun was the reason for her relapse. Its been two weeks and these two weeks feel like a life time. Segun kept mum and she could tell it was not because of his health ; at least he speaks with Bisola. Rose didn’t know what she had done wrong or the wrong finger she pointed to touch the bull’s eye. The last she heard from him were the last words he sent to her phone. Why would he tell her to go to hell ?

Why did I trust him ?  Why did he place all my weight on him ?  He just withdraw not minding the degree of the impact from the fall.

God was this what you were telling me in John chapter 5? How was I to know he was this way ? How was I to know that he shouldn’t be trusted ? Rose couldn’t cry because she had no tears left to shed for him.


Segun wished the ambush had killed him, this pain was eating him up. Just when he thought he had found love and someone he could trust, then Rose just pulls the support from under him. Bisola was just a way of testing if what he feels for Rose is real, now that Bisola is the reason he can even hope for morning to come.

She couldn’t even wait for me to fully recover, she just couldn’t even be reasonable enough to tell me she doesn’t feel same way about me. I was willing to become a better person for her, I worked my service to Oyo for her and she just has to smash me hard without looking back.

He pick up his phone ; see all this wicked messages she sent me, insulting me, calling me unprintable names and to crown it all was to send me the picture of her new boyfriend.

Girls are wicked !  Segun sobbed quietly and wished the morning would not come so he can caress his pain in his bed.
Bisola’s picture came to his mind. I can’t tell her what her sister did to me because she was supposed to be the game and now she is the one I fall back to.

Could it be that my ghosts are hunting me ?  I didn’t plan to fall or stand in love, I just wanted to enjoy their company but God ! Rose has away to drawing a man’s heart to her. She found a new guy and threw me away like some trash.
She would answer for it later, when I am over her and when I have found out what my father got him into this time that had to affect me.

Life is more beautiful these days, Bisola said to herself. I have half expected my plans to work but I didn’t have to work hard to accomplish my task. Imagine things one can do for love, I wouldn’t have believed if someone had told me I would this to my sister. Bisola sat on her bed and laughed heartily.

Her conscience had told her that she was about to act wickedly when she oick up Rose’s phone but she convinced herself that if you love something, fight for it and all she was doing was fighting for it. Something else told her that she wasn’t fighting fair but she told herself that Rose was the one who was not fair ; she had the attention of their dad when he was alive when actually he was made for them both and now she wants this one thing she has had close to her dad. So I am fighting fair. Sometimes the end justifies the means. Now two weeks down the line she doesn’t feel guilty because it worked for her. Segun doesn’t talk to Rose and Rose does not know why.

Then she asked herself, “Bisola, what did you do and how did you do this ? “. I won’t say it now for walls have ears.

Bisola looked up to see her mum standing at the entrance of her room. Good morning mum. I didn’t notice you entered.

There is no way you would with all that laughter. What has got you so excited this days and your sister in a down mood ? I almost want to believe in coincidence but its too coincidental to be a coincidence.

I can only tell you about myself because she hasn’t told me what is bothering her. Lines are falling for me in pleasant places and life is offering me its best. I got good news about my results.

That’s nice. Congrats. But how come Rose has not told you what is wrong with her ?

I can only suspect what is wrong with her. Her friend came in two weeks ago and told her he was moving out of this area and I guess she has not heard from him again. I am suspecting he is her boyfriend and now it feels like his changing location is equivalent to changing partner.

I have asked her several times but she keeps telling me she is fine.

Then she will be fine Bisola said. What are we preparing for breakfast ?

Enter the kitchen with your sister and fix us breakfast with what we have available in the house.

Ok Mum.

Mrs Alade left Bisola’s room

THE LIE (Series 10)

The weather this evening was still cloudy from the rain that fell earlier in the day. Rose sat at one of her favourite spot in the house; the kitchen balcony appreciating the green the rainy season was offering generously. The environment always looked more beautiful during the rainy season, Rose thought to herself. The flowers bloom, the grasses pick up and give their finest radiance and all you can wish for is that your life picks up a hint from nature.

She wanted to ask Segun many questions but he wasn’t in the position to answer them now. She so much wanted to know if what Bisola told her was true, what had gotten him into trouble to place him on the hospital bed, was he serious when he told her he loved or was he displeased because she had not responded favourably ?

Oh! How I wish I can just get answers now, she said out loud.

Rose, you have a visitor in the sitting room. Her younger brother said to her from behind and went off immediately without further explanation.

Rose stood by the dining table as she looked at her visitor who was not yet aware of her presence. She wasn’t expecting him to visit so soon nor was she expecting him to visit at all.
Adekola Cole! What a pleasant surprise, she said walking into the sitting room.
I decided to drop by your house today and to tell my new friend that we are moving out from this area to another state. I really wanted to see you again and get your number since I don’t know when the next time will be, Adekola said.
The anger and the urge to fight grew stronger and it seemed to gather momentum every brand new day in Bisola’s heart. She just wanted Rose out of her way. Segun was all she wanted and nothing else mattered. Bisola lay on her bed restless and unsure of her relationship. She had not been able to speak with Segun able what Rose mentioned. Not that she believed it, Rose could have misunderstood his good intentions and fallen for him but she just wanted him to reiterate his love for her.
Bisola heard voices coming from the living room. Who is that? She asked herself and headed out.
Rose has a new boyfriend now? She thought as she went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of juice.

Bisola stood in front of the kitchen cabinet looking out of the window with her glass of juice wrapped round in her palm and then the ringtone of Rose’s phone brought her back to consciousness. She turned round to see that it was Rose’s phone ringing and then she knew what to do. Bisola reached for the phone and saw the caller and was more certain of what to do and how soon.

THE LIE (Series 9)

It rained heavily all night. The weather was cold this morning, all Bisola wanted to do was to remain under the duvet for want of warmth instead she opened her eyes to see that it was 6:30am. She could hear the movements in the kitchen and could tell that it was Rose in the kitchen doing her chores.

Bisola picked up her phone to see if there was any missed call from Segun. I haven’t been able to reach Segun since yesterday, hope all is well?
She dialled it again and there was an answer on the other end.

“Hello”, this is Segun’s mother.

Good morning ma. This is Bisola Alade

My daughter, how are you?

I am fine ma. I have been trying to reach Segun, is all well with him?

Hmmm! My dear, Segun was beaten to stupor by some men two nights ago and he has been in the hospital since then. He is sleeping right now.

I didn’t have any knowledge of that, I will come to the hospital later in the day to see him.

OK my dear. Greet your mother and the rest of your siblings for me.
They will hear ma. Bye for now.

Segun turned his face to mother when he knew she had gotten off the phone.
“Who was that?”

Segun you are awake and you can talk! His mother went to his bed and placed her hands on his head. How do you feel this morning? Are you still hurting badly?

Mum! I am still in pain but it feels better. So, who was that?

It was Bisola, Alade’s first daughter.

What did she say?

She has been trying to reach you since yesterday but she would be coming in to check on you.

Where is dad?

He has gone to work.

Tell him I want to see him

I will call him immediately.

My sides really hurt. Mum, they almost killed me.

Thank God they didn’t succeed. You will soon be fine.


Rose was getting done with the dishes by the time Bisola walked into the kitchen. The cooker was shining, the floor had been moped, all the cups placed on the rack and kettle was on fire for those who would want to take tea for breakfast.

Well done, you have done a nice job here. I just got sad news, Segun is in the hospital. His mother told me when I called Segun’s phone that he was attacked two nights ago by some thugs. I would be going there with mum if she is available and I guess you would want to come along.

Oh my God! Rose shouted with her mouth wide open. What did he do to warrant such treatment and where would he have gone in the night to encounter thugs? Why do bad things happen to good people?

What is that? Their mother was standing at the entrance to the kitchen. What made you scream? She was looking at Rose.

Mum! Its Segun, he is in the hospital, he was beaten up by some thugs two nights ago, Bisola said.

What?! I will speak with his mother right away.

Samson was sitting alone with his son in his ward. Segun had tactically sent his mother away to make some pepper soup for him because he felt his father would have gotten himself entangled in something that he would not have his wife know about.

Dad, those men that beat me up said they were sending a message to you through me, that you should know what was done to me is nothing compared to what they have in store for you if you don’t keep your end of the bargain. What did you get involved in?

Samson dropped his head as if feeling remorseful. Segun, its some work related stuff, just some criminals wanting me to cover their tracks. But no need to worry, I have it taken care of.

Dad! I don’t feel convinced; I feel you have crossed these people.

Segun I am sorry you had to be involved in this but what I told you is the truth.

That means you have reported this Case to the police.

I have it covered. Just get well soon so you can go to camp with this incoming batch.

The door to Segun’s room opened and they both turned to the direction of the door.

Who do I have here? Samson asked
Mrs Alade and her two beautiful daughters, you are welcome.

Good afternoon sir, Bisola and Rose greeted him and went to Segun’s bed.
How do you feel now? Rose asked

Segun looked from Bisola to Rose, it hurts badly but I feel better today.

Bisola saw the way Rose looked at Segun and became very angry. I would take care of this she said to herself.

I called you several times that evening, it didn’t go through and when it did you didn’t pick, I was feeling uneasy that day but I couldn’t place my hand on what it was. I am happy it didn’t lead to something worse. Rose said
Bisola took Segun’s hand and held it for a while not saying anything. Her phone rang, she looked at it and so it was Ronke. Excuse me, she said and went out to answer her phone.

Hello, Ronke. Sorry I didn’t call you as promised.
Bisola, hope you are good?
Yes I am, you?
I am good. I need to tell you something and it’s about Segun. You would need to be very careful with him.
How did you know Ronke? He is not looking fine at all after being beaten up. Can I call you later? I am in the hospital to see him and it won’t be polite to stay on the phone. Bye for now
Bisola returned to the room to see her mum by his bed side chatting with both father and son while Rose sat quietly.
This feels like a good omen, Bisola said.
I can see a good future for us, my mum would accept him and his father would love me for his son. Bisola thought, smiling broadly and Segun couldn’t help not noticing.


Its been a while I blogged bt I’m happy to be here because I sure missed blogging but I missed you more. So here is a new fiction series that I hope you enjoy as you follow…


(Series 1)

It was a cool Sunday afternoon; the sun stood in sky but held a gentle appeal over the residence of Alade Samson. Cool breeze blew and the trees moved in response to the flow.

Rose sat in the balcony of the kitchen taking in the cool air. This is one of the days she likes, when the sun is out but not scorching and the breeze blows with a gentle whisper with no interruption and then her mind can drift with its rhythm into her fantasy where she hears the birds sing in the trees and she can sing along with them because she knows their songs. Because they would be singing with her of her lover and how her prince charming is coming with a chocolate box and holding out to her a parcel. In the far away distance she hears her love that is yet to show his face calling out her name.

Rose, she felt a strong tap on her left shoulder. So you are here and I have been shouting your name.

She jerked back to her senses. It was her dad at her back talking to her in his gentle but firm voice.  

What are you day dreaming about this time that you lost your ears or maybe the sun burnt it?

Dad, I’m sorry. Just that I didn’t hear you.

Go get me juice with some cake, Alade Samson said as he strolled back into the sitting room.

Rose went into the kitchen without a word. Her father was a patient man; she knew that and hardly raised his voice except for obvious reasons.

Rose had been the closest of her four siblings to her dad of which she was the second. She had just finished SS2 and was preparing to enter SS3 where she would be preparing to write her WAEC and NECO. Entering SS3 was a great achievement so far and her Father couldn’t hide his delight. Rose and her mum didn’t make good friends because it seemed they were constantly at each other’s throat and Rose couldnt explain why but she could only guess that the tension between them was because of all the attention she was getting from her dad which her mum thought was due her. Alade had always thought the rivalry unnecessary.

Rose, her father called out to her. Please attend to the door.

She came out with the glass of juice and a slice ok cake, dropped it on a stool beside her dad and headed straight to the door.

Who is there?

Mr Johnson, the visitor outside answered.

She opened immediately. Good evening sir

Good evening Rose. How are you doing this evening?

Very well sir.

You were exceedingly beautiful today in your outfit in church.

She grinned so widely and said, “thank you sir”.

Segun is coming, he is getting some items out of the car, please hold on for him. Johnson said as he went to the sitting room through the pre-sit.

Segun came carrying a carton of wine with two loaves of bread on it. Rose good afternoon, how are you today? Fine she answered.

There is a basket of fruits left beside the car, please help me with that.

Alright, she said and headed to the car to get the basket of fruits.

Johnson! My amiable controller! What a pleasant surprise. We saw in church and you didn’t tell me you would be coming around. You are welcome. Alade and Johnson exchanged a pleasant handshake.

How is your wife? Johnson asked

She is fine. And she is inside taking a nap.

Bisola! Alade called out to his first daughter who was at home for her 200 level semester break.

We have a visitor, please come attend to him.

Just then Segun entered with the things in his hands and dropped it close to the wall dividing the sitting room and dining room.

You are here with your son, it’s a nice one. Segun prostrated to greet Alade.

God bless you my son. How are you today?

I’m fine sir. Thank you

Just then Rose entered with the basket of fruits which she took straight to the kitchen. She came back to take the carton of wine and loaves of bread.

Thank you Johnson for the gifts

My pleasure, Alade. No one comes to the house of the king empty hand

Alade smiled and shook his head. Its always being in your nature to whine and today you haven’t done differently.

It’s being a while we visited each other and I thought that since I have my leave, I should see you and find out how the family is doing.

Rose came in with a pack of juice and two glasses since that of her father was still there and served it down while Bisola was fixing something for them to eat.

Bisola came out a while later with Amala dished out in her mum’s chinaware and a bowl of Ewedu soup and stew with assorted meat in another bowl and invited them to the dinner table. They gisted about everything and anything over their meal, Segun wasn’t left out of the discussion.

Thanks for the wonderful meal Bisola. You overfed us and I’m sure if your mum was awake she wouldn’t have done anything different. Bisola smiled and packed the dishes into the kitchen

Alade, Johnson called.

Yes, he lifted his eyesbrows from his plate of food.

Your daughters have grown into beautiful women. I think you should consider buying a dog to guard your gate. And both of them burst into laughter.

Love & Sex with Ojonoka


One thing that for ages past and ages to come, at least till the end of this world will not go into extinction nor grow stale is LOVE &SEX, although after sex goes into extinction love will remain. But these two words as well as phenomenon has been abused, misused and misplaced, yet they still haven’t lost their original meaning or concept or intent.

There have been several books, songs, articles, columns about love and/or sex and there will still be more because these two are topics that are not exhaustive. Several people have several definitions for love and several people have different motives for sex. Some go to the point of believing there is nothing like love or that love died a long time ago but the truth is they keep searching for love to fill the hollow in their heart because love is not dead. So the big questions here are:

What is love?

According to Musa Zekeri’s words(in Mystery of One Flesh), Love is a warm and kind feeling of liking, admiration, fondness and tender devotion without limit leading to self-giving and self-sacrifice…

Love is the grace that works to achieve the highest good for the other while sacrificing self and self-interest.

Love is friendship!

What is sex?

Sexual activities can be everything from kissing to intercourse – from fondling and touching another person’s body in a sexual way. It’s a physical, mental and spiritual activity in which people touch each other’s bodies in a sexual way, kiss each other, etc., physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse. Sex ia also Sexual Intercourse (as anal or oral intercourse) that does not involve penetration of the vagina by the penis. Sex is a spiritual thing.

What love is not?

Love is not sex nor is love about sexual activities.

What ladies think about love and sex

On a general note; that Love and sex are synonymous. You give sex to show love and gratitude as that’s the ultimate price you can give.

What Ladies need to really know

Sex is not the way to show love nor gratitude. There are no favours that are equivalent to your heart nor your body nor your emotions. You deserve every good thing done for you.

To show love to a person not your husband is to respect and do anything under the help of God to help him. The next time he tells you, “if you love me, let’s have sex”, know he is working on your psyche.

What Men think about Love and Sex

Love and sex are two separate things. I don’t have sex to prove my love, a man would say. Sex is more like a biological process for them. Ever wondered why a guy thinks it a conquest when he gets in bed with a girl or why a guy believes a girl he would marry, he would touch her? It’s because sex is not love for them.

What a Man should Really Know

Many guys think it a great to have sex randomly and take advantage of the woman’s emotions. On a general note, a woman feels safe and protected when she is with a man that does not violate her but respect her. That doesn’t demand more than she can give but will go the mile to give to satisfy you. Every time you get up from a woman you leave a hollow in her.

Sex is not a game of conquest. The fornicator and adulterer, God will judge. Sex is beyond a biological activity, it creates an emotional attachment, a bond especially in the woman’s heart.

Is SEX totally separated from LOVE?

Sex was original designed as a way of expressing love within the confines of marriage but due to the depravity of a man’s heart that came about after the fall, when man fell from his real estate and became animals, higher animals, sex became abused and as the animals behave, became a means of getting off tension, venting ones anger, relaxing and enjoying money.

Sex is a gift and should not be abused for its designer will demand an account of you.

When Sex Becomes abused

Sex becomes an abuse when an individual engages in masturbating or pleasuring yourself sexually, rape, homosexuality.

Why do we have sexual urge when we are with someone we Love?

Sexual urge is a gift, a normal part of growing up. To have desire for someone you are in a relationship with is normal. It brings to mind that you would want to please this one sexually, give that person that pleasure that they want. But since Love is not self-giving, is not glad about injustice but bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, since love is patient then you will wait patiently. Once the limit is crossed, trust is breached, fear and resentment can set in. Loss of confidence can set in and both parties can become vindictive then it’s better to help yourself and your partner by protecting the other person’s interest.

What do I do About the Sexual Urges even when I’m not in a Relationship?

Feed your mind with the right things, surround yourself with the right people, don’t dwell on such thoughts, DISCIPLINE is of utmost important. You don’t have to satisfy every desire. You are a being with will and you are responsible for all your actions. Don’t always get involve in suggestive discussions that arouse the desire or urge. Above all, hate sin, fear God.

You need help if…

If you abuse sex, you are a sex maniac, you don’t respect others opinion and take undue advantage of them in this matter of sex. You need to talk to somebody, a spiritual head, your parents and to God. You must be delivered from anything that has a strong hold on you. You must not be a slave to anything. Sex is made for you and not you for it.

The truth you should Live with

Every sexual activity and that includes masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, fondling, smooching, kissing, outside marriage is a sin. It doesn’t matter what the society says, God’s foundation standeth sure and the Lord knows those who are His. Let he that nameth the name of the Lord depart from evil. 2Tim 2:19


Who Are You?


Ask yourself this today, tell “you” the sincere truth and we can move forward today.

What do you live for?
Who do you live for?
What’s your driving force?
Who is your driving force?
What keeps you going?
Who keeps you going?
Why are you doing what you are doing?
When was the last time you tried something new?
What are your shadows?
Why do you have shadows?
When last did you give up yourself to place smile on others face?
When was the last time someone’s smile lighted up your day?

If you have answered these questions and your answers are centered on yourself, ambition and fear then you need to take a look out of the window and see that you are just one of the numerous human race, you could be a granule of sand on the sea shore that needs the rest to make it worthwhile, for its texture to be felt.

But if your answers are love, God and others then we are on the right way, the way to making a difference and leaving an impact.

Share your answers with us, it would be appreciated.

The Moment I was like: Wow!

As I thought of how d day will go today, I felt a deep need for a soul freshing morning to help prepare my heart for activities of the day.

Little did I know that there are deep expression of thought borned out deep love from the one who stands out in aĺl respects among her equaĺs, to deliver the refreshing moment my heart pants for.

As I behold my phone, my heart could not help falling in love again with you.

Thanks for being there.
I love you.

This is to celebrate the one who inspires me every moment and to tell you how words written could make a soul go miles and put many stars in one’s sky.



The rehearsals started and Nkem got very involved and that was a major distraction from all her bitterness. Nkem had always liked to plan events and this was one event that afforded her an opportunity to show case her skills. Nkem, weldone. Bro Seyi said as he came near where she was sitting after the rehearsals of the songs they had that evening. I can see that you have been very active and much involved in the preparation of this program and you look very tired.

Yes, I am. I came here straight from work. My day has really been hectic but I find joy coming here. So can I take you home? Yes! She said with a heave. I will be most grateful for the favour. Together they walked to his car, giggling.

Nkem got home, thankful for the ride and all she could ask for was the comfort of her bed. She put on the light in her sitting room and started walking towards the refrigerator standing in the dinning section when she heard Mercy call out to her.

Nkem, welcome.

Mercy! She called astound. What are you doing here alone and in the dark? You didn’t tell me you were coming. Hope all is well?

All would have been well if I didn’t get the news I got today. I heard that Simon lost his job yesterday. The hospital said they couldn’t habour a rapist and something tells me you orchestrated it. So, do you have a hand in this?

Well, she said in a sheepish voice, I had to do what I had to do. I was protecting other likely victims who would make friends with him and end up being raped. You should be grateful to me anyway, and not barge in on me at this time of the night after a tiresome day. At least he has started paying for his wickedness and this is not the end.

Now, I’m beginning to wonder if you are fighting for me or something else I know nothing about. How would you do such thing without informing me. You know the trouble of getting a job after you have been sacked and you also opened a bad record in his file.

Oh! Please. Nkem scoffed with her hands waved to discard Mercy’s words. He should have thought about that before forcing himself on a woman. You are beginning to irritate me with all this advocacy you are making for him, or you actually invited him to sleep with you but because you didn’t want to look cheap you made it look like a rape, she said looking at Mercy pointedly.

What a heartless thing to say to me after you know what I have been through. God has helped my heart and when I thought I couldn’t forgive, God helped my heart. After I read in the bible that with God all things are possible, the words came alive for the first time in a long time and I started asking the Holy Spirit to help me forgive. What spurred my heart the more was when the Lord took me to where he wrote, “if you don’t forgive men their sins, your heavenly father will not forgive you your sins” and you know the prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God. As long as my sins were always before my father, I am a sinner and my prayers were going nowhere. And so I started praying and crying to God and he heard me. I have forgiven him and I am praying that he comes to know the love of Jesus, he is used to the hate of the world and what you are doing is no different from what is obtainable in the world.

Thank God for you Mercy. Can I go to bed now? Tomorrow is a long day. Have a sweet sleep. Good night sister. Good night, Nkem. Pray to God to help your heart.

The day for the hearing in the court came and Nkem was excited as she looked into the face of Simon in the court room. She looked around and her Mercy was nowhere to be found. If this girl embarrasses me, I don’t know what I will do to her, she thought out loud. The debate started and when the time came for the victim to testify, she was nowhere to be found. Mercy was absent from the court room. Why would Mercy do this to me, to me? Was all Nkem could ask herself. The court was adjourned to exactly a month from that day.  

She went to church for the day’s rehearsals and was bent on not thinking about what Mercy did. Whether she likes it or not, that Simon will pay for his crime. Mercy can forgive all she wants but I will bring him down to hell where he is supposed to be. But for now I will enjoy the rehearsals and the preparations for the programme.

Simon sat in his sofa looking into his television but watching nothing. He had travelled to the land of thoughts. His friends had heard of what happened and were highly disappointed. As much as they were Casanovas they were not up for violating a woman against her will. They all stayed away except Tade. But today Tade was busy at work and he was alone. With his head leaned back on his sofa, he wondered how his life had crashed to this point, how did he allow himself to get to this. When you are about to do what’s wrong, you know it could come with consequences but then you go ahead and damn the consequences just to enjoy the pleasure of the moment, Simon was thinking to himself. Then he though out loud, “After the pleasures of the moment what next? When that day is gone and tomorrow comes would you be able to look outside your window to see the havoc you have wrecked?” I threw it all away for a pleasure that was only one sided. Her sweet company, her friendship, her smiles, my job, all for nothing but the wind. Now my licence is on the line and I don’t think I will win against the tides. I’m going to sink and sink deep. Then silent tears streamed down his face but it was carrying the pain in his heart.

His phone ranged and brought back from his thoughts. Oh! Mercy! Why is she calling, why should she call me? And the phone rang out. And he bursted into tears. There were times she called to check on him but his lust, the beastly nature in every man turned his life into this and then his phone was ringing again. He picked, greatly anticipating her reasons for calling.

Hello, he said into his phone.

Hello. Good afternoon. How are you today?

I’m good. And you?

I’m fine. I would like to meet you, is it possible?

Yes. Where do you want to meet with me? Simon asked

Tomorrow in my church by 2pm.

Ok. That is a date. Simon said stammering.

Why does she want or rather would she want to see me? And Simon couldn’t wait for 2pm to come. He wants to find out or maybe she wants to tell me she has agreed to out of court settlement. Nah, he shocked his head with tongue tucked behind his teeth, not the way things have been going.

And they both met in the main auditorium of Mercy’s church. Thank you for coming, Mercy started to say when Nkem who was not expected walked in to meet them in a meeting. Nkem went ballistic like she was going to destroy the furniture in the church. What are you doing with this evil soul damned for hell. She turned to Simon and slapped him hard in the face. If only I had a gun you would have been dead right now. Did you come to meet her so you could rape her here again?

Sister you are shouting on the top of your voice, must everyone know I was raped, don’t make it any harder.

Off course not, Nkem said. Not everyone must know you were raped but everyone must know he is a rapist.

So how will they know he was a rapist without knowing I was the victim with the way you are shouting?

Did you say was, Mercy? I said is, I say he is a rapist.

She faced Simon, I don’t ever want to see you 0ne meter from Mercy or you would have preferred to be a dead man. Nkem, Mercy started to say, I was the one who called for a meeting with him, he didn’t come to meet me here, I called him out and please don’t look at me like that. The Lord wants me to tell him something and that’s why we are here. Nkem looked at her sister with a face of, “I can’t believe this”. You can sit not too far from us but please let me do this. Nkem knew she wasn’t going to succeed forcing her sister out so she decided to sit three pews back, at least she would hear their discussion.

I’m sorry for that, Mercy said as she took her sit beside Simon. I want to tell you I have forgiven you. I don’t know if that is going to make you feel better but I need to tell you that. I also what to tell you that God loves you but hates your sins. Turn away from them and turn to Jesus, let him wash your sins and take your heavy burdens. He asked me to tell you He loves, the plans for you are of good and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future. Don’t think it was easy to forgive you but God helped me and so He can help you to forgive yourself and accept His love. Simon broke down in tears, you mean you have forgiven me? And then he went on his knees and said he was sorry amid His tears. I will take any punishment for my wrongs but I just needed you to forgive me. I didn’t have the guts to come to you and I asked God to help you forgive me but I didn’t think He will answer me, afterall I don’t have a cordial relationship with him. I’m ready to turn to Him for love and leave my sins behind, just tell me how. Mercy read to him from John 3:16 and told him that the moment a sinner repents of his sins sincerely, the Lord forgets them immediately. She told him that God said he will take our sins far away from us as far as the north is to the west. God said I should pray for you. He agreed and Mercy prayed for him. Nkem came around, clapped for them and scoffed. This will not mean that you will not suffer for all your wickedness and evil, she can forgive all she wants but you will pay. Now, Mercy, it’s time to get you home where you can think properly. She took Mercy out from Simon’s presence but Mercy felt so much peace and joy after leaving him. She had prayed for his salvation for a long time and just few days to the end of her internship, God answers her prayers. God is faithful she smiled to herself as she sat in her sisters car who looked at her like some sick fellow but was not ready to hear some of her foolish talk.

Maybe the trauma or maybe the thought that it was her fault that got her raped is what has turned her into this, Nkem thought in her heart.

I think I should invite him to the programme in your church happening the last Saturday in august, Mercy said to Nkem but Nkem ignored her like some lunatic who was speaking gibberish. Mercy took her phone and sent Simon a message about the Christian Community worship holding the last Saturday in August and the direction to the church in Akute.

That day came, and all people were looking colourful and Nkem was not left out. Simon was around and he sat in the middle pew. The programme started with so much power that Nkem couldn’t believe it was getting bigger than she envisaged. The song ministration was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit so much that Nkem couldn’t stand on her feet. She fell to her knees and started weeping like a baby but didn’t know why she was weeping but couldn’t stop herself. While Nkem was weeping, Simon was filled with such joy that it felt it was flowing from a source he couldn’t tell about. Simon sprung to his feet and started jumping. Tosin and Mercy sat still enjoying all the scenes before for she had been praying for God to break Nkem and cause Simon to really experience Him. The Song leader paused singing leaving the instrumentalists to play at the background. This year is a year of forgiveness. The Lord says this year is a year of forgiveness. God is here healing hearts and saving souls. Let him touch you, let him help you, accept his forgiveness, accept his love, show his forgiveness and walk. The songs began with such force that people were on their feet while Nkem remained on her knees weeping profusely. God, why would you do this to me, I don’t know how Mercy did it but it’s hard for me. I had an inclination to go and spend that day with her but instead I invited her over. She told me she was on duty and don’t think she would be able to make it down to my place. I wasn’t ready to spend the cross over night elsewhere nor was I ready to let go of all the preparations I had made for the new year. I decided that we would meet next year and wish each happy new year. But that moment I wouldn’t give away, I ended up giving the whole year up for. And I believe it was my fault that she was raped, that Simon took advantage of the fact that I didn’t follow the inward voice to be with my sister. He makes me feel like such a bad sister, a sister incapable of taking care of my younger sister. I couldn’t save my sister, I couldn’t be there just because I was more concerned for trivialities. Still, that doesn’t give him the licence. Nkem was struggling real hard inside but the Lord’s hand was mighty upon her and all the dream of dancing all the way was gone. By the end of the service Nkem had let go and decided to let God. She was experiencing the healing of God and learning to forgive her self and Simon. Meanwhile Simon sneaked away immediately after the service but he was glad he was in attendance. He felt God’s love flood his heart and knew what it meant to know that God loves you. He could understand why Mercy was walking all smiles and Nkem would rather shoot him dead. He understood it all now and he was ready to walk in this new light. One day, whether he was in prison for his crime or walking a free man, he was sure his life had a meaning, a greater sense of direction, he had seen the light and wasn’t afraid anymore. Tade must hear this. He must find this joy I have found. I must go to Tade’s house straight away, he said to himself.

Nkem called her lawyer, “Barrister, I have decided to drop the case and opt for out of court settlement. Is it still possible at this point?” Sure, Nkem, sure. We would take care of that. Please also call Simon and brief him about the recent development. Right away! He answered.

Ok Barrister, see you later in the day.

What happened? Barrister asked as he was wondering. Well thank God she can be healed of the bitterness that had eaten into her like a cancer.

Simon couldn’t believe his ears. God! all these for me? They have dropped the case. What good news on the last Saturday in August. I have a fresh start at life and you used the lady I hurt most. I pray I’m able to get a job soon. If not for Tade the last two months would have been hell. Lord, I must say your steadfast love never ceases and you mercies are new each morning.

Mercy, that was the chief medical director speaking into her phone. I want to see you in my office today. I know its getting quite late but something came up and I need to discuss it with you. Alright sir, I will soon be with you.

Mercy, you are ending your internship with us after this last Saturday in August and you will be going for your youth service. I have enjoyed working with you and I have seen your hard work even though you don’t know I know. Even after what happened to you earlier in the year, you didn’t crash nor did you become bitter; instead you carry a lively spirit that is infectious. So I have decided to ask the NYSC to post you to Lagos and you will be serving with the hospital and we hope you would love to work with us afterwards. I hope you are ok with the arrangement? I hope I didn’t disrupt any plan of yours.

Not at all sir. I’m so happy with your plans. It will be my pleasure to serve with you.

Ok then. That was all I wanted to discuss with you. Have a great night.

Oh thank you sir. I feel like screaming but I will hold it till I get home. Good night sir.

Mercy went straight to Nkem’s house. I have a job even before my service. She said immediately she entered Nkem’s house. She screamed with such excited that Nkem too joined in. Congrats girl. I’m proud of you.

Thank you. God always heals the broken hearted. He is the balm of Gilead. My life is beautiful and right now I have no regrets and more sure that all things would always work together for my good because I love the Lord and because I am called according to his purpose.